Matt Allwright looks like a new man! How much weight has the Rogue Traders presenter lost?

TV presenter Matt Allwright is back presenting yet another TV show.

Series 4 of The Housing Enforcers airs on BBC One in 2019.

Now, if anyone can present an investigative exposé documentary series it’s Matt Allwright.

So has the serious journalist lost some weight as of late?

Screen Shot: Matt Allright The Housing Enforcers BBC One – BBC

Who is Matt Allwright?

Matt Allwright is a TV presenter most recognised for his work on BBC’s Rogue Traders, Watchdog and The One Show.

He was born in on April 14th 1970, making him 49 years old in 2019.

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According to his website, Matt is married and has two children.

Matt Allwright: Weight loss

In 2004 Matt presented a BBC show called ‘Fat Nation: The Big Challenge’.

But, from his recent presenting role on BBC’s The Housing Enforcers, it looks like Matt may have shed some pounds himself.

A flick back through his Instagram shows a more fluffy version of Matt back in 2017.

But now is he looking the slimmest he’s ever been?

How much weight has Matt Allwright lost?

From Matt’s social media it’s difficult to tell whether he’s been on a dedicated weight-loss plan.

There aren’t any ‘meal-prep’ photos or after-workout evidence.

However, Matt does look much slimmer in the face in 2019 and we’d estimate he’s lost around a stone.

According to his website, he kayaks, rides a bike and plays tennis so we’d assume Matt’s pretty active.

He also took to Instagram to share his heart rate and calorie loss during a football match where his favourite team, Liverpool FC, was playing. He lost 166 calories in the second half alone!

So, maybe that’s what the weight loss comes down to!



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