Meet auctioneer Charles Hanson - life of the Antiques Road Trip star!

Meet auctioneer Charles Hanson - life of the Antiques Road Trip star!

Antiques Road Trip is full of colourful and charismatic auctioneers who bring the BBC series to life with their expert knowledge and invaluable advice.

Take away the likes of Charles Hanson, Margie Cooper and Christina Trevanion and you’ve got nothing more than some lost lamb contestants wasting their coppers on secondhand silver.

Our beloved king Charles has been on every show going from Bargain Hunt to Flog It! and is walking, talking encyclopedia of auctioneer knowledge.

Who is Charles Hanson? And how old is he?

Charles is 42 years old who was born in Derbyshire.

He has a wife, 36-year-old Rebecca Ludlam, who he married in 2010. The pair enjoyed a traditional wedding at All Saints Church, in Mackworth, having met two years prior.

Charles cooed to Derbyshire Live following their wedding:

I’m used to dealing with beautiful things but Rebecca is the most beautiful treasure of all and I’m very lucky she is my wife.

Fellow BBC antique stars Tim Wonnacott, Philip Serrell, David Barby, Jonathon Pratt and Kate Bliss were all in attendance. Charles and Rebecca also have two children, Matilda and Fredrick Hanson.

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Charles’ battle with cancer

Charles was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014, the same year he and Rebecca had a stillborn son.

However, grit and determination prevailed and  Charles came back even stronger, determined to raise money for charities and those who had shared similar grievances.

Alongside 16 other supportive colleagues from Antiques Road Trip, Charles ran the Great North Run and raised £39,000 for the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society

Charles on Antiques Road Show, Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

Before debuting on TV, Charles worked as an auctioneer and chartered surveyor having launched his career as a valuer in the European Ceramics and Glass Department.

In 2015, he opened his own antique company called Historic (very original), which specialises in coins and antiquities and has over 20 employees.

It was a dream come true for the young boy whose first taste of auctioneering came in primary school, where he bought a porcelain figure for 50p and sold it for £180. Charles said:

I started detecting when I was about nine-years-old. It’s a great hobby for children, it encourages youngsters to learn about history, respect the earth beneath their feet and while it involves technology, they’re outside getting exercise and fresh air that being sat at a computer just doesn’t allow.

Since then, Charles has achieved the holy trinity of antique TV shows by appearing in Antiques Road Show, Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

The wheels were set in motion on BBC classic Bargain Hunt in 2002 while it wasn’t until eight years later when the 42-year-old sealed the trio deal by appearing on Antiques Road Trip.

Charles Hanson trivia – music and auctions

In 2017, the Bargain Hunt experts teamed up for something of a rather unexpected project.

BBC antique experts Philip Serrell, Charlie Ross, James Braxton and Charles Hanson created their own version of Christmas-classic Sleigh Ride in aid of Children in Need.

The tune was released digitally but can also be found on YouTube…



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