Meet auctioneer icon Charlie Ross - Bargain Hunt's best presenter!

Meet auctioneer icon Charlie Ross - Bargain Hunt's best presenter!

If you’re a fan of antiques and television, then we’re almost certain you will have come across Charlie Ross in your lifetime. The man is an antiquing legend!

From iconic shows such as Bargain Hunt to the lesser known Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Charlie Ross has been all over the telly.

But how did Charlie get his start as an auctioneer?

Let’s get to know the iconic antiques presenter better here.

Screenshot: Charlie Ross Bargain Hunt interview – BBC

Who is Charlie Ross?

Charlie, or “Rosco” as he’s known, is a 69-year-old antiques expert, television presenter and auctioneer. He was born in June 1950 in Buckinghamshire, England.

After joining an estate agency in 1968, Charlie quickly found himself with the role of auctioneer. In fact, one of his first jobs was auctioning chickens and turkeys while there. For what reason? We still have that to figure out.

Shortly after, Charlie commenced his own auctioneering business. He ran his own auction house in Woburn for over 25 years and has overseen auctions ranging from antiques, commercial and residential properties, through to vintage cars and Intellectual Property.

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Charlie Ross’ TV career

Over the years he has been auctioneering, Charlie has also worked as a television presenter.

Some of the main shows he works on include Bargain Hunt and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, as aforementioned, but it doesn’t stop there.

Charlie Ross has also worked on Flog It!Antiques Road Trip and Antiques Roadshow.

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Who is Charlie married to?

Charlie is married to Sally Ross. Together they have two children called Charlotte and Oliver.

They had four grandchildren by 2007, but given the interview Charlie gave on the BBC a decade later, it sounds like the Ross family has expanded. Charlie claimed he was “collecting” grandchildren!

The couple live near Bicester outside Oxford. They have lived there since 1981.

Does Charlie Ross have Twitter?

Unconfirmed, but we think not.

We could not find a personal account for Charlie Ross on Twitter, however we did find a page for his auction house. Check it out on Twitter @CharlesRossAuc to find out more about the latest sales and events.



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