Meet Brenton West - The Repair Shop's silversmith and expert photographer!

If you’re a fan of restoration shows with a penchant for antiques and sentimental tales, then The Repair Shop is the show for you.

Each episode, a team of experts from clockmakers to upholsterers descend on the Weald and Downland Living Museum to repair items of the general public.

The experts featured on The Repair Shop are obviously masters of their craft, and rarely does their work transcends more than one discipline. However, Brenton West is The Repair Shop’s ‘jack of all trades’.

So, who is Brenton West? Find out everything you need to know about The Repair Shop expert here!

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Meet The Repair Shop’s Brenton

Christopher Brenton West – just known by his latter two names – is a silversmith and antique photography specialist based in Oxfordshire.

Initially, it was just silversmithing that Brenton was interested in. He obtained his degree from Medway College of Design in the late 1970s and was practicing in the field when he decided his interests had shifted.

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From 2005 to 2008, Brenton decided to pursue a career in photography by studying for another degree, this time at Plymouth College of Art. He graduated with First Class Honours.

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Brenton’s photography career

Since graduating, Brenton West has not just focused on taking photographs, he has also immersed himself in the world of antiques.

He is now an expert in restoring vintage cameras and is also one of the few practicing daguerreotypists in the UK.

The daguerreotype was the first successful photographic process available and used commercially in the 19th century. Unlike the quick and easy photography we know of today, the daguerreotype process involved printing an image onto a silvered copper plate and was both laborious and time-consuming.

Keep up to date with Brenton’s work

The best place to keep up to date with Brenton West and his work is to follow him on Instagram.

The silversmith and photographer also posts loads of behind-the-scenes snaps of The Repair Shop, so you can find extra content from the show on Brenton’s Insta profile!



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