The BBC took viewers on a trip down memory lane on Thursday, September 5th for DIY SOS’s 20th anniversary.

In the special episode, Nick Knowles and his brigade of purple shirts reminisced over some of their best builds and the lives they impacted most. And what’s more, Nick went to catch up with some of those individuals they’ve helped on DIY SOS in person.

One of the designers who often appears on the show is Gabrielle Blackman and she also made an appearance in the 20th-anniversary special.

So, who is Gabrielle and what does she actually do on DIY SOS?

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Who is Gabrielle Blackman?

Bristol-based Gabrielle (pronounced Gabriel) is an interior designer who has 18-years worth of experience industry, working on everything from DIY SOS to large-scale multi-million pound projects.

She got her start in the creative industry by obtaining an art degree, but Gabrielle knew from the outset she wanted to apply her creativity to something larger than artwork. She wanted to build and design, interiors seemed the logical place for this creativity!

Now, Gabrielle runs her own design consultancy.

She pursues all kinds of creative projects and even works in set design. If you’re curious about having Gabrielle work on your project, then you can find out about her design work through her website here.

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Gabrielle and Nick revisit Grenfell

The episode concluded with a visit to one of DIY SOS’s most tragic rebuilds ever, following the Grenfell Tower fire that broke out in June 2017.

The big build that episode was of the Dale Youth boxing club which originally operated from a gym in the tower, prior to the fire.


Gabrielle oversaw the design for the mega new boxing gym they built in the big build episode.

When she and Nick Knowles took a trip back to Dale Youth a year later, the progress was staggering. Not only was the gym as good as it was when they built it, but the gym was pulling in more and more young people looking to train and older people looking to coach.

Their duty to help the community had been fulfilled!

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Follow Gabrielle on social media

If you want to know more about Gabrielle’s work, the best place to follow her is on Twitter.

Her Twitter account – @CushionCrisis – is where Gabrielle speaks on her work on DIY SOS and as an interior designer.

Also be sure to check out Gabrielle on Instagram, here, to see all of her design inspiration alongside her work.

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