Rocking horses, African spears, diamond earrings and jewel-encrusted daggers – you name it, it’s probably appeared on Antiques Roadshow!

Digging out family heirlooms can end up being pretty fruitful for some visitors on the show. Others, though, leave disappointed when they find out their prized possessions aren’t worth so much.

Fiona Bruce is on hand to present the BBC show, but what about the experts who reveal all about the antiques? With Frances Christie on Pictures & Prints to Andy McConnell on Ceramics & Glass, there are a number of experts on hand to value all kinds of items. Let’s get to know one of the show’s jewellery specialists, Joanna Hardy!

Joanna Hardy
Screenshot: Joanna Hardy Antiques Roadshow – BBC One

Who is Antiques Roadshow’s Joanna Hardy?

BBC’s Antiques Roadshow boasts a whole host of experts who get to work each episode valuing antique pieces. Joanna is the go-to lady for all-things jewellery. She joined Antiques Roadshow in 2007.

Previous to appearing on the BBC show, Joanna’s career has seen her travel the globe. She trained as a goldsmith at Sir John Cass College and worked as a rough diamond grader for famous diamond corporation De Beers. In her late teens, she became a polished diamond dealer in Antwerp and later joined Philips (now Bonhams) the Auctioneers in London.

From 1995 – 2009, Joanna worked at Sotheby’s as a senior jewellery specialist and auctioneer. Since then, she’s worked independently and now has her own Online Fine Jewellery School.

Joanna Hardy: Jewellery

Joanna was around 14 years old when she began making jewellery at school. During an interview with Only Natural Diamonds IN, Joanna explains what first attracted her to the jewellery industry, she said: “I just loved it, I loved the intricacies”. However, she also has a knack for stones. Joanna added that her godmother was the first woman to become a gemologist in 1923. She recalled going to visit her godmother’s house which was filled with huge rocks, stones and geodes. However, rather than precious stones, Joanna’s career started out with diamonds. 

Today, Joanna not only appears on Antiques Roadshow and runs her Online Fine Jewellery School, but she’s also an author with her books, ‘Collect Contemporary Jewelry‘, ‘Emerald’ and ‘Ruby’ available for purchase.

Joanna has described herself as an “ambassador for jewellery”, highlighting its value as an art form rather than just a product. According to the BBC, her favourite jewellery find was a Lawrence Wheaton tourmaline ring in 2016.

Joanna’s family

Besides carving out a career spanning 35 years in the jewellery industry, Joanna also made time to have a family. She’s married with two children.

In an interview with, Joanna revealed her husband was a park ranger in Australia. She’s also stated that she’s “happiest in the wild around a campfire with her family”. As reported by Benchpeg, the family has managed to enjoy some memorable holidays, from Riding Apache horses through Monument Valley to visiting Lady Elliot Island, a remote island off the Great Barrier Reef! Follow the jewellery and diamond expert on Instagram @joannahardyltd.

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