Meet Love in the Countryside's Grace! Age, job and her 'type on paper'!

A dating show set in the British countryside couldn’t be more romantic. But, throw in the fact that most of the candidates on Love in the Countryside work on a farm, and things get a bit muckier.

The heartwarming show sets about finding the lonely hearts of the countryside a life partner. Seven singletons get to speed date six potential suitors. Then a lucky three are chosen for a further round of vetting and join the country-dweller in their home for a weekend.

Episode 1 of the show saw beautiful brunette Grace begin her dating journey. So, without further adieu, let’s meet Love in the Countryside’s Grace.

Screen Shot: Grace Love in the Countryside – BBC Two

Grace’s job

Love in the Countryside is centred around seven country-dwelling singletons. And while their livestock keeps them company, they’re all looking for more meaningful relationships.

First and foremost, Grace cares about her job. It’s clear from the off that it’s farming first and everything else, second.

Grace is under pressure as her dad is set to retire from the farm in two years time. This means that she’s going to have to run the whole farm herself and whoever she ends up with is about to be roped in to help.


One Twitter user made a joke that rather than a husband, Grace needs a farmhand!

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Screen Shot: Grace Love in the Countryside – BBC Two

Love in the Countryside: How old is Grace?

Dairy and sheep farmer Grace is 23 years old. But she isn’t your average 20-something, she’s up before dawn and spends seven days a week at work on the farm.

Grace is certainly a determined character who knows what she wants.

She said: “I want someone who’s quite charismatic, confident, Hugh Jackman – hello my friend, yes that would be the type of guy for me.”

The female farmer is on Instagram with over 1,000 followers as @cheekygracie.

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Screen Shot: Grace Love in the Countryside – BBC Two

What happened on Love in the Countryside?

Episode 1 of Love in the Countryside sees Grace speed-date six men chosen from her love letters.
Royal Mail Manager, Greg, 28, Welsh hobby farmer, Mike, 27, and trainee psychologist, Martin, 31, are all invited to the farm located on the Welsh Border.

On their arrival, Grace’s dad, Ivor, said: “You’re very brave, you lot”, Grace added: “Not about coming to the farm, just about me!”

Episode 2 will see Grace’s dating journey carry on and the three men put through their paces on her farm!

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