Meet Paul Laidlaw - Antiques Road Trip's expert is an obsessed collector!

Get to know Antiques Road Trip’s Paul Laidlaw who has also been on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt and Flog It!, as well as Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

The antiques experts are back on an exciting trip across the UK in search of valuable and bargain items.

BBC One has brought favourite show Antiques Road Trip for new episodes, with the current series once again following experts who try to strike a good deal at an auction.

One of the experts is Paul Laidlaw who’s not a novice to programmes like Antiques Road Trip as he has made appearances on similar shows in the past.

So let’s meet Paul Laidlaw and get to know him more, including his career, family, Twitter and more.

Paul Laidlaw, Will Mellor, Nick Pickard, Stephanie Connell – (C) STV Productions – Photographer: Production

Meet Antiques Road Trip’s Paul

Paul Laidlaw is an antiques expert and auctioneer from Carlisle, a town located between Scotland and Lake District. There, he lives with his wife Maureen Laidlaw and their three young children – one daughter and two twin boys.

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Since 2013, Paul has owned Laidlaw Auctioneers and Valuers – a company that offers specialist auctions to enthusiastic collectors.

He holds a BSc degree in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh but he has had a passion for antiques since his childhood.

Apart from Antiques Road Trip, Paul has made appearances on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt and Flog It!, as well as Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

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Paul Laidlaw is an obsessed collector

Unsurprisingly, Paul likes a good bargain deal that he can add to his growing collection. In an interview on BBC One, he explained that he collects a lot of different items such as arms and armour, Georgian glass and Georgian silver.

In the same interview, Paul revealed that his guilty pleasure is buying antiques which honestly is not a surprise at all. He also owns books, netsuke and watches.

Follow Paul Laidlaw on Twitter

Paul is an active Twitter user and has a good social media presence. Give him a follow @ThePaulLaidlaw. He currently has 19,000 followers.

On his Twitter, Paul describes himself as “self-confessed geek, foodie, and fun dad”. His feed is filled with posts about antique finds, as well as his own collections.

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