Your Home Made Perfect made waves when it first came to the BBC back in spring 2019 and now it’s back for another series from Monday, May 24th.

The ground-breaking home renovation show sees two architects – Robert Jamison and Laura Jane Clark – go head-to-head in their designs, using the power of virtual reality to sell their plans to prospective clients.

Each episode, Robert and Laura provide new designs for the episode’s client and then whoever’s design is chosen gets to watch it realised in real life!

Always bold, innovative and boundary-pushing with his designs, Robert certainly knows how to make a statement with his architecture. So, who is Robert Jamison? Find out everything you need to know about the Your Home Made Perfect architect here.

Pictured: Angela Scanlon, Robert Jamison

Who is Robert Jamison?

Robert Jamison is an Irish architect living and working in London. He is originally from Belfast.

After the economic crash of 2008, Robert upended his life and decided to go travelling. On September 16th, 2009 he booked a one-way ticket to New Delhi, India and did not know when he would return.

His travels around the Indian sub-continent have greatly influenced his practice and ethos as an architect.

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Screenshot: Your Home Made Perfect S1 E7 – iPlayer

Robert Jamison: Career

Robert’s architecture career began nearing two decades ago.

In October 2005, he launched his own practice called Robert Jamison Architects which he then left behind to travel the world. Upon his return to London, Robert continued to grow his practice with his new approach to life and architecture.

On his website, Robert explains: “In studio, my ambition is to test and experiment. To demonstrate the healing potential of architecture, and bring architecture to the people.”

He is influenced by ‘spatial prana’, a life-force energy which flows within space and feeds off of the environment one is in. Much of Robert’s design process is influenced by the energies he has adopted from yogic practices.

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Is Robert Jamison married?

Yes! Robert is married to a Yoga & Ayurveda instructor called Kate.

It is unconfirmed how long the couple have been together, but they have two sons.

You can follow Kate on Instagram to check out the adorable family @katesmithjamison.

Robert and Kate are expecting another child in 2021, so congrats to the couple!

Follow Robert on social media

If you’re keen to learn more about Robert and to keep up with his day-to-day life, then be sure to follow him on social media.

Robert frequently posts to Instagram about his work, his inspiration and more interesting things about himself, including the fact he was a Wildling extra on Game of Thrones!

Check Robert out on Instagram @robertjamison and you can find the architect on Twitter here.



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