Meet Simon Bower: The Bidding Room's expert auctioneer from Anglesey

The BBC has a proven track record of turning daytime programmes into an exciting watch. From Flog It! to The Repair Shop, we’ve seen it happen time and again on the Beeb. If you ever thought that antiques would be boring, think again!

The latest addition to the BBC’s antiquing series is The Bidding Room. This series airs weekdays at 3.45 pm.

The Bidding Room features an array of talented dealers and antique experts, all seasoned in their professional fields but new to our screens.

One of the central cast members of this new series is Simon Bower. So, we thought it best to get to know Simon a bit better. Find out everything you need to know about the auctioneer here.

The Bidding Room (C) Ricochet – Photographer: Mitchell Collins

Who is Simon from The Bidding Room?

Simon Bower, 52, is originally from Anglesey in North Wales, and has been working in antiques his whole life.

His grandmother, Janet Bower, was a noted dealer in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s. She was the owner of antique shops and galleries, and largely inspired Simon’s passion for antiques.

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After leaving school, Simon went to work as a butler for one of Anglesey’s biggest landowners. This was Sir George and Lady Meyrick at Bodorgan Hall in Anglesey. Simon’s mother became ill, so he quit his job at Bodorgan and moved home to help her.

Simon Bower’s career as an auctioneer

Simon joined Morgan Evans & Co in 1987 as a saleroom assistant to Mr Rogers Jones. When Jones left in 1992 Simon took over his role as antiques auctioneer.

Simon is currently the senior auctioneer and newly appointed director at Morgan Evans. Simon started this new role from 2019. 

Speaking of his directorial position, Simon said: “I feel a great sense of honour and pride to have been appointed a company director at Morgan Evans, a company that has been, and continues to be a huge part of my life. I look forward to the exciting times ahead.”

His favourite items to value are silver and ancient books.




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