Meet the cast of The Big Hospital Experiment - Eddie, Andy and Charlotte on Instagram!

People across Britain love and appreciate the National Health Service, its workers and everything it provides for the country. But how many of us actually would be able to hack a job at the NHS?

Spanning everything from birth to death and all the illnesses in between, the NHS sees it all.

So what happens when you plant fourteen volunteers aged between 18 and 23 in one of the country’s biggest and busiest hospitals? Well, that’s what The Big Hospital Experiment wants to find out.

Over the course of four weeks, the volunteers will be experiencing life working at the Royal Derby Hospital. And yes, that means a full forty-hour week schedule!

We found some of The Big Hospital Experiment volunteers on Instagram, so let’s get to know the cast a bit better.

Picture Shows: Volunteer Angel Morris, Sister Marie Allsop & Volunteer Poppy Pierce in Birth Ward, The Royal Derby Hospital – (C) Blast! Films / Ryan McNamara – Photographer: Ryan McNamara

Deborah Olubiyi

Deborah is a Global Health and Social Medicine graduate from King’s College London. She also describes herself as a social action advocate.

Not only is that impressive, in 2018 – the same year she graduated – Deborah was featured in Future Leaders, an annual publication profiling 100 of the UK’s outstanding African and Afro-Caribbean students and graduates.

Deborah has interned with the Commonwealth Secretariat and scribed at parliamentary debates.

Follow Deborah on Instagram @deborahbiyi or check out her website here!

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Michael Lowe

Michael upended his life in a small village just outside of Swansea, Wales to work at the hospital.

Before he tried his luck with the NHS, Michael was working in a call centre and then in customer service.

Picture Shows: Patient Winifred Tunnicliff and volunteer Michael Lowe in Elderly Ward, The Royal Derby Hospital – (C) Blast! Films / Ryan McNamara – Photographer: Ryan McNamara

Finlay Roberts

Finlay is a creative assistant, budding designer and photographer who travels all around for work. His job could not be any more removed from working at the Derby hospital!

Check out Finlay on Instagram @finlayvincent where he already has over 5700 followers.

Erik Haxhilari

If you think you recognise Erik from your screens, then you’re right! Before he was on The Big Hospital Experiment, Erik signed up to Channel 5’s Old School For Lazy Kids.

From his Instagram @erikhax, we can see he’s a budding actor – he even made it into the trailer for The Imitation Game and starred in a Jake Bugg music video!

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Eddie Caucau

Eddie is one of the volunteers who is having the biggest life swap by signing up to the experiment.

British-Fijian Eddie is a full-time “fashion and lifestyle influencer,” as he calls himself on Instagram. He lives in Manchester.

Eddie has a mega Insta following of 23,000 which is only going to swell once he’s on the BBC series! You can check out his influencing Insta @isthateddie_.

Angel Morris

Not much is known about Angel Morris, but we did find her on Instagram @angelcristaa_.

Here’s hoping she’ll let us know a bit more about her after the show broadcasts!

Tom Tarrant

London-based Tom is 24-years-old and currently working in recruitment.


In Tom’s Instagram bio, he describes himself as “animal lover” and “people lover” who definitely brings that spirit to the show.

You can follow Tom on Instagram @tomtarrant94 or find him on Twitter @ThomasTarrant9.

Charlotte Buck

Kent-based Charlotte is 20-years-old and currently studying Law at Leicester University.

The third-year student called the experience on the show “life-changing.”

Charlotte’s Instagram @charr_buck is currently private, but that may change after her appearance on the show.

Picture Shows: Volunteers Eddie Caucau and Charlotte Buck in The Royal Derby Hospital – (C) Blast! Films / Ryan McNamara – Photographer: Ryan McNamara

Piotr Burdalski

Piotr is a 21-year-old from Southend-on-Sea who was working as a graphic and web designer before he entered the experiment.

He was so impacted by the show that now, Piotr works at the Southend University Hospital NHS Trust!

Other cast members

The other volunteers that will be featured on the series include Beth Etheridge, Will Muncey, Poppy Piece, Alishaba Dar and Emma Davies.

Alongside all the young volunteers, we’ll also get to know some of the staff from the hospital. Including Clinical Educator Andy, Sister Marie Allsop and Karen Hill.




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