Meet The Goes Wrong Show cast - amazing Henry, Dave, Chris and co!

The successful franchise which began with The Play That Goes Wrong in a small north London pub is coming to your front room this Christmas.

The first episode of The Goes Wrong Show kicks off on December 23rd at 7:30 pm. This week includes a Christmas special, with the other five episodes starting on January 3rd 2020.

Each episode is a standalone comedy that you won’t want to miss!

Vanessa (BRYONY CORRIGAN)), Robert (HENRY LEWIS) – (C) Mischief Screen Limited 2019 – Photographer: Ben Blackall

What is The Goes Wrong Show about?

The Goes Wrong Show was filmed back in March, written and starring the Mischief Theatre crew, who are a group of “amateur actors”, who things go drastically wrong for.

The episodes are filled with stunts and falls which are guaranteed to make you laugh.

You may recognise the group before when they did Peter Pan Goes Wrong on BBC One back in 2016. Or from the sequel featuring Derek Jacobi and Dame Diana Rigg which aired at Christmas in 2017.

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The Goes Wrong Show cast: Sandra (CHARLIE RUSSELL), Vanessa (BRYONY CORRIGAN)

The Goes Wrong Show cast: Henry Lewis

Henry is an award-winning comedy actor who has starred in a number of other productions. This includes all of the Goes Wrong productions. In the latest Goes Wrong Show, he will be playing Robert.

Alongside this, he is also a writer for the production. Keep up to date with Henry’s antics on Twitter.

Jonathan Sayer

Alongside Henry Lewis, Jonathan is also a writer of the goes wrong productions and a comedy actor.

Jonathan is a member of Theatre Mischief and is playing Dennis in the Goes Wrong Show.

You can find Jonathan on Twitter here.

Henry Sheilds

The final of the three writers and long-time member of the Mischief Theatre Company is Henry Sheilds. The theatre star will play Chris in The Goes Wrong Show.

Fun Fact: Henry played Monty Keates in Holby City back in 2013!

To follow the hilarious Henry Sheilds, check out his Twitter.

Picture Shows: The Goes Wrong Show cast – Nancy Zamit, Charlie Russell, Greg Tannahill, Henry Shields, Henry Lewis, Dave Hearn, Bryony Corrigan, Chris Leask, Jonathan Sayer – (C) Mischief Screen Limited 2019 – Photographer: Ben Blackall

Nancy Zamit

An actress who played in the TV movie Frankie & Emma is now a part of the comical The Goes Wrong Show. The character Nancy will be playing is Annie. Keep up to date with Nancy on Instagram.

Charlie Russell

Charlie Russell is known for her many roles, including being in the TV series Doctors and the TV mini-series Thirteen. In her latest role in The Goes Wrong Show, Charlie will be playing Sandra.

Check out Charlie on Twitter here.

Bryony Corrigan

A member of the Mischief Theatre group who has made plenty of TV appearances in programmes such as Holby City. Bryony will play Vanessa in her latest role in The Goes Wrong Show.

You can find Bryony on Instagram here.

Greg Tannahill

Known for playing Jonathan across his three products alongside other stars of the Mischief Theatre group.

Find Greg on Twitter here.

Dave Hearn

Dave is known for his two prior performances for the goes wrong production. He plays Max and will be playing him in the latest Goes Wrong Show too.

Dave can be found looking for a blue tick on Twitter here.

Chris Leask

The final star of The Goes Wrong Show is Chris Leask, who plays Trevor. Chris is no stranger to acting and has played many supporting roles over the years. Including in Call the Midwife, PhoneShop and Frankie.

Check out Chris on Twitter here.




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