Meet the My Mate's A Bad Date cast on Instagram - Vicky, Kelsie and Lewis!

The BBC are back with a brand new reality dating series. And this one looks more brutal than ever!

Sex and relationship expert Dami Olonisakin, who is better known as Oloni, helps hopeless daters transform their love lives. But the daters haven’t nominated themselves, their friends have! They’ll also be watching carefully with Oloni, to help critique their friends on their dating technique.

All seven episodes of the new BBC Three series have been released to iPlayer on Wednesday, November 27th meaning you can binge watch all of the series in one go.

With the series now available, fans are wanting to know more about cast of daters. So, Reality Titbit did some digging and we found them on Instagram!

Screenshot: My Mate’s A Bad Date S1 E5 – iPlayer

Kelsie Morton

Kelsie Morton is a 21-year-old party girl from Newcastle. Most of her dating problems were to do with drinking too much, showing off her party tricks and being on her phone constantly. Kelsie is seeking Oloni’s help to end her single status after three years of failed dating.

She was nominated by her mate Tegan. We found Tegan on Instagram @tegan_reah.


We also found Kelsie @kelsiemorton where she already has over 3,750 followers.


Khalil is a 21 year old from Nottingham, nominated by best mate Cavan who is sick of his dating habits. And, in particular, that he never remembers the names of the girls he dates. Khalil always calls them “baby girl” rather than remember!

Nominated by best mate Cavan, Khalil is seeking the help of Oloni to try and woo girls in a more gentlemanly manner.


Lewis Hern is a 20-year-old hopeless romantic from Cardiff who currently is a Theatre and Drama student at USW.

We found Lewis on Instagram @hernlewis.

He was nominated by his mate Megan, who was concerned about his lack of skills in the dating department. Megan has a private Insta account @meg_hks


Bad dater Dami is 24 years old from London. Picky and occasionally rude, Dami needed Oloni’s help to combat his bad dating skills.

Larisa nominated Dami for the series, however most of his friends agreed that he needed some work in the romantic department. One of Dami’s friends rated his dating skills “five out of one hundred.”

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Screenshot: My Mate’s A Bad Date S1 E3 – iPlayer


Mancunian Tyler-Antonia Gordon is a 25-year-old serial dater whose friends are wanting her to settle down. She goes on five to six dates a week!

Check out Tyler on Instagram @tylerantonia to see what she’s been up to since leaving the show. In her Insta bio, Tyler describes herself as “previously a bad date,” and so we hope she’s improved her dating skills since!

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Screenshot: My Mate’s A Bad Date S1 E4 – iPlayer


Vicky Lissaman is a model, actress and influencer from Leicester. Now, Vicky lives in London for work.

As influencers go, Vicky already has a mega following on Instagram of over 16,000. You can follow Vicky on Instagram @vickylissaman.

We think Vicky’s friend Georgie is on Instagram @georgieeugenie.


Harriet was nominated by her sister Phoebe, who is sick to death of her bad manners on dates.

From burping and farting to drinking too much, Harriet does it all!

She described her love life as “an absolute trainwreck,” so no wonder Phoebe thought she needed Oloni’s help!




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