A brand new competition series kicked off on BBC Two last night (Sunday, January 26th) with a rather odd premise.

While most competitions rocket the participants to fame and celebrity, or bestow them with a cash prize or investment, this new BBC show does neither.

Win the Wilderness: Alaska does what is says on the tin. It follows six couples as they compete in a variety of challenges, all with the intention of taking home the grand prize: an extraordinary house in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.

So, just who are the couples taking on this brand new contest? Let’s get to know them better here…

Picture Shows: Bee and Theo – (C) Twofour – Photographer: Twofour

Meet the contestants – Bee and Theo

Theo and Bee are currently driving around the world in a van. As of January 2019, they are in Spain.

You can find out more about the couple on their joint Instagram @theindieprojects where they are documenting their travels. You can also follow Bee’s IG @bee.roper and Theo’s @theogh.

Matt and Rachel

Matt and Rachel have been together since they were 14 years old. The childhood sweethearts are now married!

Now, Matt works as an RAF engineer and Rachel as an account, although they are looking to switch up their day-to-day lives for life in the Alaskan wilderness.

You can follow Rachel on Instagram, where she posts pics of herself and their German Shepherd, Baloo. Matt pops up every now and again too!

Emily and Mark

Warwickshire-based farmers Mark and Emily know their way around the countryside, but will they be able to bring their outdoorsy skills to the more daunting Alaska landscape?

Emily said in the first episode: “Mark is the kind of guy you’d want by your side, in any situation.”

She said this as the couple took charge on building the shelter. So, maybe they do have the survival knack to win the competition!

Tina and Chris

Tina Perkins, 29, is an industrial designer and Chris Cullen, 30, is a sales manager.

Speaking to TV Times about the experience, Tina and Chris said:

There was a competitive side but it never reared its head in an ugly way. It was weird how well everyone got on – probably because we all crave similar lives.

They are currently travelling around the world and documenting their travels on Instagram and on their website. Check out their Insta @2anootravel.

Pete and Jane

Pete and Jane Gough are a married couple from Devon who have dreamt of having their own wild retreat for many years. Jane has worked as a midwife for decades and Pete has now retired from his job as a police officer.

As their children have all reached adulthood, this competition is the perfect moment for Pete and Jane to reach out of their comfort zone.

Find out more about the couple on Jane’s Instagram @janeg196.

Jerome and Laura

Adventure-seeking academics Jerome and Laura are switching up the classroom for the great outdoors. But not only is the wild world of Alaska one of the challenges Jerome and Laura will face, the couple has only been together for a year, so it’ll be a great test of their relationship!

Jerome is a university lecturer and Laura is a sustainability consultant.

We couldn’t find either Jerome or Laura on IG, unfortunately.