BBC One never fails to bring a bit of healthy competition to our TV screens.

And Flipping Profit – a show that sees antique experts battle it out to make the most money – is airing as of 2019 for the second time.

Upcycling, sifting through scrap and having an eye for a valuable antique are just some ways to make money from used goods.

Here’s everything you need to know about Flipping Profit trader Melissa Downhill!

Screen Shot: Flipping Profit S1 E1 – BBC One

What is Flipping Profit?

Flipping Point is a BBC show that follows three money makers as they buy and sell items to raise money for Children in Need.

Melissa Downhill, blacksmith Kevin Paxton and Antiques expert Roo Irvine compete to make the most money on the 45-minute show.


The trio head to Dunfermline to find some bargains they can flip for cash in their own individual ways.

Flipping Profit: Melissa

Melissa Downhill is one of three experts on BBC’s Flipping Profit.

She runs Tinman Scrap Metal in Buxton, UK.

As well as Flipping profit Melissa has starred on Storage Hunters UK.

She specialises in retro pieces to buy and sell on rather than upcycling or dealing in antiques.

Melissa Downhill on Instagram

Melissa has over 1,000 followers on Instagram.

She describes herself as a “TV Reclaim dealer, Mumpreneur, Boss Lady and Business Owner”.

It looks like Melissa owns the Tin Man Scrap Metal business and takes her time finding gems to sell in and amongst scrap that gets dropped at the yard.

Melissa is clearly a fan of recycling from her Instagram as she writes that she turns things “from trash to cash”.

It seems that Melissa is certainly a girl that “can do both” as she deals in scrap metal day but can dress up to the nines when she fancies it, too!

Melissa enjoys holidaying in Marbella and attending Ladies Day at Aintree.



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