The nation’s toughest quizzing team continues to take on more members for another series of Eggheads!

The twenty-first series kicked off back in May for the 2019 season but new episodes stopped being broadcast over summer. Series 21 started airing again from Monday, September 2nd.

While the usual banter and impressive knowledge was flying around, there was one thing which hadn’t been addressed: David Rainford’s absence.

David Rainford is one of the fan-favourites on the show and makes up one of the nine Eggheads featured on the series.

So where has Dave been and will he ever make a return to the hit BBC quiz show?

The Eggheads. Dave is at the top centre.

Who is David Rainford?

David ‘Dave’ Rainford is a 48-year-old Mancunian whose intelligence and sheer brain power has earnt him the nickname “Tremendous Knowledge Dave”.

On April 9th 2005, he wowed the nation by taking home a whopping £250,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

It was this performance that landed him a gig on the Eggheads team, replacing the Egghead legend CJ de Mooi on September 27th 2012. And he has been wowing audiences on the show with his general knowledge since then.

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What has happened to Dave?

Earlier this year, fans were quick to notice Dave’s mysterious absence from the Eggheads team.

In January 2019, he claimed his absence was due to an unconfirmed illness but that he hoped “to be back for the next series”.

However, he is yet to be seen in the new series, leaving fans to speculate whether he would return at all.

But Dave continued to Tweet about the show during his January absence so we were expecting him to return post-recovery. However, when the 21st series rolled around he had still not showed up.

On August 30th, 2019 – just a few days before episodes from the new season aired – Dave said he was still recovering from his mystery illness while they recorded the series.

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Who has replaced Dave on Eggheads?

The Egghead team is made up of nine brainiacs, so there was no need for anyone to specifically step in and replace Dave.

The current lineup of Eggs includes regulars Judith Keppel, Beth Webster and Steve Cooke.

Lisa Thiel also makes appearances from time to time, as does Pat Gibson and Barry Simmons.

Pictured: Dave (Far Left) in S19 E67.

How to watch Eggheads

Eggheads is broadcast every weekday on BBC Two at 6 pm. Except on Mondays, where it is shown at the slightly later time of 6.30 pm.

The show rolls over into a new series, meaning there is Eggheads content pretty much all year round!

The new series continued on Monday, September 2nd with the seventh episode.




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