Money for Nothing: EJ Osborne's transgender journey - tough childhood to wife and kids

Money for Nothing is the BBC show that sees old unwanted items totally transformed into stunning pieces of furniture.

From chests of drawers to footstools, side tables and desks, Money for Nothing churns out all sorts of fantastic upcycled pieces.

Money for Nothing sees a variety of presenters, woodworkers, upholsterers and more on the show. And often spotted on the BBC day time programme is EJ Osborne. It has been confirmed that the presenter passed away on Monday September 21st.

Screenshot: EJ Money for Nothing transgender S7 E17 – iPlayer

Is EJ from Money for Nothing transgender?

Yes. EJ from Money for Nothing identified as a transgender man.

He was born a woman in Australia and grew up in a very homophobic town.

In an interview with Brighton Transformed, EJ said: “I grew up in a little isolated, Australian country town that was so deeply homophobic it was still illegal to be gay, when I was a teenager there, my teenage years.”


EJ’s journey

EJ passed away on Monday September 21st at Dorothy House hospice, near Bath, Somerset. At the time of writing, the cause of his death has not been revealed.

The Money For Nothing presenter grew up in Australia before he got on a plane and went to Tokyo.

He said: “I removed myself from the trans-phobia, from the homophobia, from my family expectations, from my existing group of friends, I completely started again in a foreign country and a foreign city where I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t speak the language.”

The 45-year-old gave up his high-paying job and comfortable lifestyle for a new life in Tokyo and then Madrid, before settling in Brighton.

EJ explained how he really buried anything to do with being transgender for a long time. He said: “I got so used to denying myself.”

Screenshot: EJ Money for Nothing transgender – BBC

Does EJ have a wife?

In an interview with Katie Piper, EJ opened up on his relationship status.

EJ said: “I’ve got a house, I’m married, we’ve got a daughter.”

EJ and his wife have been together for a long time, he mentioned they got together in 2007 during the interview with Katie Piper. It wasn’t until EJ was almost 39 that he came out to his wife as trans.

Speaking of his wife, EJ said: “She’s a very open-minded person, she’s very lovely.”

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