Nesrine “Nez” Dally made the decision to leave the BBC show Go Hard or Go Home. Viewers are now sharing their support for the reality star as they ask questions about exactly why she headed home.

The personal trainer of 16 years, who has trained world champions and novices, revealed to the BBC that the show was “one of the best experiences of my life.” She added: “I had so much fun and made lifelong friendships.”

She was the one trainee to leave the island for good, having originally been one of eight pro athletes taking part. During episode 2, Nez revealed to Seb – her Go Hard or Go Home trainee – that she’d have to leave the island.

Meet Nesrine Dally

Nesrine is a personal trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 16 years. The “warrior and fighter”  is also a fitness instructor for FIIT and Nike. She was voted London’s best trainer by the Evening Standard.

She has a positive reinforcement training style and strives to be her client’s biggest cheerleader. Nez loves seeing them grow in confidence and revealed:

My passion is helping people change their lives for the better for sports and fitness. I have vast experience mentoring so I was excited to use my experience and skills to help bring out the best in my trainee. 

The Go Hard or Go Home star is an Apple Fitness Plus trainer and Muay Thai fighter. She is based across London and Los Angeles, with an aim to “champion inclusivity in fitness,” as per her Instagram bio.

Why did Nez leave Go Hard or Go Home?

Nez decided to leave Go Hard or Go Home because something personal had happened in her life, which meant she would have to leave the island a little bit early. That left Seb temporarily without a trainer on the BBC series.

Warrior Nez had received “really difficult news” from home that she urgently needed to tell him. Nez said she was “feeling very emotional.” She talked about mental health after the show and said:

Mental health isn’t something to shy away from and be afraid to talk about.  Physical fitness, challenges, sports and fitness can help you overcome mental barriers and bring out the best in yourself in every way.

Nez revealed on Instagram what it was like to say goodbye to Seb. She said: “It was so hard to leave him but wasn’t much I could do but build his confidence and show him how strong he is.”

She also told a fan that she was gutted to leave and wrote: “Me too 😢 but this was how it had to be 🙌.”

BBC viewers send Nez support

One fan wrote: “My daughter and I just watched the second episode and we were so gutted for you! MashAllah you are a true inspiration. May Allah bless you and your family always.”

Another penned: “So gutted you had to leave but hope all is well at home 🙏🏾 You clearly made a big impact on your trainee in that time 💪🏾 ❤️.”

“Gutted you had to go, wish you and your family well,” commented a show viewer.



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