Dragons' Den: Where is Ogel recycling now? How to buy unique system!

Dragons' Den: Where is Ogel recycling now? How to buy unique system!

A unique recycling system will be pitched by hopeful entrepreneurs to the Dragons on July 8th, during the finale of the 18th season.

It is one of the last pitches that the current Dragons’ Den series will see, following several successful ideas, such as eco-friendly cleaning products.

For the finale, Ogel is set to deliver their reusable system made by recycled materials, which turns waste into different types of structures.

From hoping to secure an investor, to where the company is post-filming, we’ve got the details on where Ogel stands in the industry today.

Dragons’ Den Series 18 | Trailer – BBC Trailers

Dragons’ Den Series 18 | Trailer – BBC Trailers

What is ‘Ogel’ on Dragons’ Den?

Ogel takes waste, grinds it into granules, turn it into a profile and then use it to build anything – from a building to a flood defence system.

The company creates personalised pods, such as taskpods, which usually takes just one day to make.

The entrepreneurs claim that it is the only patented building system in the world that uses recycled plastic.

Some of their products include taskpods for homes, garden rooms, houses, flood defences for homes, smart spaces, and exhibition systems.

How to buy Ogel recycling system

The whole process has 6-8 steps, which include the following:

Step 1: Download the Ogel app to play about with various pod designs to get an approximate idea regarding design, cost and possible uses (£0).

Step 2: Customise and personalise your pod, and fill in an in-depth customer questionnaire, which costs £200.

Step 3: The manufacturing process begins, costing 50 percent of final price.

Step 4: Depending on the structure, the pod usually takes one day to build. If needed, an electrician will visit you before the pod assembly to fit the required electric feed.

If you do not want to download the app, and want Ogel to build a system for you, head to their website and choose the ‘CONTACT’ option in the top right.

This should take you to a form, where you can fill in your questions and enquiries, but you can call them on 0191 481 3415 if you prefer.

And of course, they have an email you can contact as well, on [email protected]

Where is Ogel after Dragons’ Den?

Currently, Ogel has 55 followers on Instagram, and no online reviews yet.

With 220 likes on Facebook, it appears that the company is still growing, and just launched their website on June 30, 2021.

So far, with Ogel being such a new firm, they do not have any reviews on their Facebook page yet.

However, following their appearance on Dragons’ Den, it’s possible that their company could rise in popularity!



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