Alice Walker put her IQ to the test when she entered Mastermind 2022, and has officially become the oldest winner to ever go on the show. A look into her own history and she used to work in IT before she retired.

The now 67-year-old, who took home the crown aged 66, got every question right and scored 14 out of 14 in her specialist subject, the Peak District. From Derbyshire, she was cheered on by the Morris dancing troupe she belongs to.

So once it came the grand final, Alice won by six points. So putting the huge win aside, what is the BBC Two star’s life like when she isn’t busy quizzing? We’ve got the lowdown on her previous job working in IT, and who her family are.

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Who is Alice Walker?

Alice is a 67-year-old retired IT consultant who made history as the oldest winner on Mastermind 2022. Alongside being a successful quizzer, she is the foreman of dancing group Poynton Jemmers Women’s Morris.

Originally from Nottingham, the BBC star now lives in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire. She is also in a relationship, as per her official Facebook status, which was updated on September 30th 2015.

She has been part of the Macclesfield and Stockport quiz league since the 1980s, and applied for the quiz show after considering it for years. Alice prepared by reading lots of guidebooks and looking at maps on the Peak District park.

Alice also read up on all the historic sites around the park before walking round the tourist attraction with her dog Leo.

A look back at her previous IT career

Alice worked at Life IT Ltd before retiring in 2015. Before her career at the IT support and consultancy firm, she studied at University of Salford International after her education at Bilborough Grammar School.

Just before she retired, the BBC star done her fair share of travelling, and posted a picture of a camel while on holiday to her Facebook page. Alice is also passionate about nature and is often pictured walking in forests.

However, her computing career wasn’t her chosen specialist subject, but rather her local area the Peak District. She revealed she chose it as she does a lot of walking there, due to living on the edge of it. Alice revealed:

I just thought it would make an interesting subject because there is quite a variety to know about it, as well as the geographical aspect, there is a lot of history and geology. I think originally I thought you had to know a lot about your specialist subject before you applied and I used to think I don’t know enough about anything, but then I realised people just picked a subject that they’re interested in and learn up about it, so that’s what I did.

She continued: “I had various books on the Peak District that I studied for quite a long time.”

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Meet the Mastermind winner’s family

Alice’s partner Haydn watched her as she was quizzed, alongside her granddaughter Evelyn and daughter Laura who called her mum the “cleverest grandma in the country.”

During the show, Haydn said that she spends “hours” reading all the books on her specialist subject, making notes and testing herself. “I have tried testing her from her notes but she just knows it all so it’s a bit pointless really,” they said.

Laura said her mother had “waited a long time” to appear on the show and that it was “her time” to win. Well, that’s exactly what Alice went on to do – and has now made history on the show!



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