Who are the Pooch Perfect UK finalists? We found the BBC stars on Instagram!

Pooch Perfect’s final episode airs on Thursday, March 4th – let’s meet the finalists competing on the BBC series.

BBC One brought the new competition Pooch Perfect on our screens which kicked off with its first season here in the UK on Thursday, January 7th.

Presented by Sheridan Smith, the show searches for the nation’s best dog groomer as contestants’ skills are put to a test in every episode.

So, who are the finalists on Pooch Perfect UK? We found the stars from the BBC One programme on Instagram!

If you haven’t caught up with the latest episode of series, this is your final warning before we reveal the finalists on the show.

Sheridan Smith on Pooch Perfect, BBC iPlayer

Pooch Perfect UK: Finalists

  • Kelly D
  • Lakhi
  • Georgia

On Pooch Perfect’s latest episode (February 25th), Mich was the one who was sent home.

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Kelly D, Lakhi and Georgia are competing on Thursday’s finale (March 4th) when the nation’s best dog groomer will be revealed.

Kelly D

Kelly Davis is the director at KD Grooming Studio and has 18 years of experience in the dog grooming field.

She offers training and courses to other aspiring groomers. Kelly is also founder of Supergroom South West – a charity competition which provides a platform for groomers to compete and raises money for an animal rescue and rehab centre.

Find her on Instagram @kellydavisofficial where her following has increased to 572 fans.

At the time of her first appearance on Pooch Perfect, she had 250 followers.


Lakhi Thindal is also a salon owner and is an ‘International Certified Master Groomer’ who offers training to help groomers improve and learn.

Talking more about how he decided to become a pet groomer, Lakhi said:

“We’ve always had pets and I volunteered at the local shelter and naturally most of our own furry family are rescues. I have a passion in teaching and we offer training placements or individual one to one days for groomers or anyone who would think they’d like to take up the profession.

“Every student is treated as an individual and we work together to achieve the best.”

Follow Lakhi on Instagram @lakhiscissorhands where he enjoys more fame and social media spotlight now – he has over 2k followers now!


Georgia is a salon owner from South Wales and comes from a family of dog groomers. She runs a salon based in Llanelli with the help of her husband Ricky and sister Gabriella.

Georgia likes to take part in competitions across the UK and “her true passion is poodles, owning, showing and competing with them”, according to the salon’s website.

You can find her under the handle @louisianna_grooming.



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