Professor Alice Roberts is back on our screens with BBC’s brand new series, Britain’s Biggest Dig. 

The four-part series launched to BBC Two on Tuesday, September 15th and will explore the excavation of a Georgian cemetery near Euston Station which is being unearthed to make way for the HS2 rail link. This cemetery contains the remains of around 50,000 individuals from the late 18th and early 19th century. Some of these individuals include the founders of Christie’s auction house and others who became victim to the infamous bodysnatcher.

Professor Alice Roberts is fronting the series with Dr Yasmin Khan. Although Alice has starred in numerous programmes, many viewers still have questions about where she’s from – namely, they question Alice’s accent.

So, where is Professor Alice Roberts from? What is her accent?

Programme Name: Britain’s Biggest Dig – TX: 15/09/2020 – Episode: Britain’s Biggest Dig – ep 1 (No. 1) – Picture Shows: with well-preserved wooden coffins on site at the excavations of St James’s Gardens, London Alice Roberts – (C) Lion Television – Photographer: Harvey Lilley

What is Professor Alice Roberts’ accent?

  • Bristolian

Professor Alice Roberts has a Bristolian/West Country accent.

In April 2016, Alice took to Twitter to shut down a fan who was somewhat rudely questioning Alice’s accent. When questioning why she “mispronounce[s]” some words, Alice replied: “There are lots of ways to pronounce words and lots of regional accents. Sorry* I’m not estuarine enough for you. *not.”

Where is Alice Roberts from?

Alice Roberts was born in Bristol and grew up near to the city in Westbury-on-Trym. Alice was born in 1973 which means she will turn 47 years old this year.

She never strayed too far from home, as Alice went on to study medicine in Wales. Alice studied at the University of Wales College of Medicine, which has now been integrated into Cardiff University. She graduated in 1997.

After graduation, Alice went on to practise as a junior doctor in South Wales. In 1998, Alice stopped practising and worked as an anatomy demonstrator at the University of Bristol. She remained in her home city, as Alice was offered a job as a lecturer at the University of Bristol in 1999.

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Alice Roberts on Instagram

To find out more about Alice Roberts, you can follow the anthropologist on Instagram.

Alice has over 30,000 followers as of publication date. You can check her out @prof_alice_roberts.



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