Race Across the World 2020: Winners Emon and Jamiul unveil generous donation from £20k prize!

After 21,000 kilometres, two continents and 17 countries, the second series of Race Across the World came to an end on Sunday, April 26th.

This year, the BBC contestants had to cross Central and South America, starting from Mexico and ending in Ushuaia, Argentina.

The finale on Sunday night brought an emotional twist as the race became even more challenging in the last few hours. With just a few minutes apart, Emon and Jamiul came out as the winners of this year’s series.

But what’s even more incredible is the bigger purpose behind their win.

Emon and Jamiul

Meet Emon and Jamiul

Emon, 35, and Jamiul, 25, are uncle and nephew. Emon is a business owner from Bradford, while Jamiul is an architecture graduate from Oldham.

The two were inspired to take part in the BBC series as a way to rekindle their relationship after being apart for 10 years.

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Emon and Jamiul proved to be a great duo, working together as a team and combining their personal strengths which ultimately led them to the grand finale.

Emon and Jamiul

Emon and Jamiul’s plan for £20k prize

Within a few minutes apart, Emon and Jamiul managed to reach the final leg of the race, beating Jen and Rob in the process. It was an emotional moment as the two pairs were so close to winning the £20k prize.

But Emon and Jamiul were definitely the worthy winners, especially after their generous gesture to donate part of the money. The two shared the heartbreaking moment of seeing homeless kids on the streets of Sao Paulo which made them realise there’s a bigger purpose behind their stint on Race Across the World.

In the finale, Emon and Jamiul revealed that they will donate half of the money to those children in need.

Jamiul said: “There’s a lot of people that could potentially help. I think I will feel like a bigger winner if we did that.”

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Follow Emon and Jamiul on Instagram

Following their appearance on Race Across the World, the pair’s follower count on Instagram rocketed. Emon is slightly more popular with more than 6,500 followers, while Jamiul has just over 5k fans.

You can find Emon @emonchoudhury and Jamiul @jamiul_choudhury.




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