As of February 1st, a brand new season of Great British Menu kicked off, beginning with the Central region heats. Rachel Khoo was announced as a new judge on BBC Two’s Great Britsh Menu in 2021, but now she’s been replaced by an all-new judging panel made up of Tom Kerridge Nisha Katona and Ed Gamble.

Given that she’s no longer a permanent fixture on series 17 of the BBC show, let’s find out more about Rachel Khoo, from her name, family, to what she’s up to in 2022.

Luda Can’t Cook | Season 2 Official Trailer | discovery+

Luda Can’t Cook | Season 2 Official Trailer | discovery+

Get to know Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo is a British cook and writer who many will probably recognise for appearing in her own cooking shows on the BBC and Food Network.

She was born in Croydon in 1980 making her 41 years old. Rachel has a younger brother named Michael and, as per The Guardian, her father is Malay-Chinese and her mother is Austrian.

Speaking to The Guardian of her cultural heritage, Rachel said: “In Malaysia, they don’t ask you how you are, they ask ‘Have you eaten?'” Khoo explains. At home, there would be “schnitzel, stir fries, rendang curry and we always had a Sunday roast like beef with Yorkshire pudding, so it was a real melting pot“.

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Exploring whether Rachel Khoo changed her name

Although Rachel and her brother were born and raised in London, her family moved to Germany when she was 12 and she later returned to the UK to complete her GCSE’s.

As per Wikiwand, “Rachel’s paternal family were Chinese immigrants to Malaysia and were part of the Khoo Kongsi clan house located in George Town, Penang. Her father is Malaysian Chinese and emigrated from Ipoh, Perak to the UK at age 16 in 1968.

She was born Rachel Khoo but married Swedish chef Robert Wiktorin in 2015.

Rachel’s career has taken her all over the world

Over the course of her career, Rachel has written six cookbooks. She started out as a pastry chef in Paris and years later her career has seen her “hosting dinners and workshops in London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Melbourne, Sydney and Buenos Aires” as per her website.

She’s lived in England, Germany, Malaysia and Austria, France, Australia, and Sweden.

Given her extensive amount of travelling, Rachel is now multi-lingual and on her blog, she writes: “Every decade of my life I’ve learnt a new language (English being my mother tongue, German when I was a teen, and French when I was in my mid-twenties).”

Nowadays, Rachel and her husband, Robert Wiktorin, split their time between London and Stockholm. Together they have two sons, their eldest born in 2016 and their youngest in 2019.

Find Rachel on Instagram where she has around 400k followers @rachelkhooks.

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