Race Across the World: Robbie describes himself as "happy husband" to defend Jen from Twitter

The second series of Race Across the World is well underway, as the competitors moved into the fifth leg of the journey – meaning the halfway mark – in episode 5 (Sunday, April 5th).

So far, mother and son duo, Jo and Sam, are leading. Just trailing behind are Robbie and Jen, Emon and Jamiul, and Dom and Lizzie. But with another 10,000+ kilometres to go, it could be anyone’s game!

The success of Reading-based couple Rob and Jen has not been the main talking point, but their rather turbulent relationship.

Here’s everything you need to know about Robbie, plus what he has to say to those commenting on him and Jen.

Screenshot: Jen and Rob in Race Across the World S2 E5 – iPlayer

Who is Robbie?

Rob, or Robbie as his wife calls him, is a 33-year-old systems engineer from Reading.

As a child, Rob suffered from Cholesteatoma, which left him deaf in one ear. During an operation to remove the diseased abnormal cells, Rob lost all of the hearing in his ‘good ear’, and now relies on his other weak ear, which has just 20% hearing.

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Back in 2010, Rob got together with Jen, his now wife. They married in 2014. Jen is a 33-year-old resourcing consultant.

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Robbie on Race Across the World

Speaking to the BBC about why he wanted to take part in Race Across the World, Robbie said:

To get a break from the daily grind, find out what we really want from life, explore the world and spend more time with my wife. Due to my hearing loss, we don’t communicate as much anymore so I want this to challenge and force us to improve our communication.

The friction between Robbie and Jen has set Twitter ablaze, with many viewers criticising Jen on her treatment of Robbie; particularly condemning the way Jen speaks about Robbie post-hearing loss.

Robbie has not spoken about these comments or outwardly defended Jen online, but he has put “Happy Husband” in his Twitter bio as a subtle clapback to such criticisms.

Screenshot: Jen and Rob in Race Across the World S2 E5 – iPlayer

Does Robbie have Instagram?

Yes! We found that Robbie has an Instagram where he has been documenting all of his adventures around the world.

Rob has just over 370 followers on Instagram and counting.

You can find him on Instagram @robsadventuresonmute.




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