Santosh Shah impressed the judges in the latest semi-finals episode of MasterChef. Meet the Professionals star on Instagram!

He is among over 30 contestants fighting for a place in the final of MasterChef: The Professionals 2020.

Chef Santosh was put through to the finals, having made his impressive mark on the competition this year.

So who is Santosh Shah? We found him on Instagram – lets meet him!

Masterchef: The Professionals S13 – TX: n/a – Episode: Masterchef: The Professionals S13 – Heat 5 (No. Heat 5) – Picture Shows: Santosh – (C) Shine…

Meet Santosh Shah

Santosh Shah calls himself a Nepalese chef on Instagram. He is the head chef at Indian restaurant Cinnamon Collection.

The 34-year-old is also the executive chef of Saffron Circle UK. He was originally born and raised in a village in Nepal called Karjanha, Siraha.

He is the youngest of 7 siblings. Santosh was inspired to take up cooking by his chef brother, and moved from Nepal to India at 15 years old to work as a commis in a five-star restaurant for 10 years.

He then relocated from Gujarat to London 10 years ago – one of his first jobs was at Brasserie Blanc. Santosh has been a chef for 20 years.

Santosh on MasterChef: The Professionals

Santosh was first asked to fillet a plaice and prepare it with a chicken butter sauce and pickled radish, which he excelled in.

Then, when he took on the second test, he served up two plates of food – a main and a dessert – which impressed the judges.

He made a Nepalese-inspired main, involving grilled, spiced monkfish on a sesame and tomato sauce, served with picked purple potato puree, bitter melon chutney, and a Himalayan cracker stuffed with potato pickle puree.

Then for dessert, Santosh impressed again with a Nepalese saffron boondi, which included deep-fried chickpea flour pearls dipped in saffron syrup with cardamom-spiced condensed milk, on a sugar-syrup crispy basket.

He also added a mango kulfi to the dessert, which is traditional ice cream. All of Santosh’s efforts paid off – as he is through to the final!

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Santosh on Instagram

Santosh spends most of his working life and that’s pretty evident on his Instagram. Picture-perfect dishes are regularly posted on his account!

The colours of his main were complimented by judge Monica Galetti while he was on the show – and it’s clear to see he keeps this up in all his dishes…

He seems to keep it very professional, straying away from any personal posts. Basically, Santosh gives the fans what they want – food pics!



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