Who is Sarah Lomas? Reviv CEO's move to Manchester on Manctopia
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Who is Sarah Lomas? Reviv CEO's move to Manchester on Manctopia

Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom was the latest docuseries to hit BBC Two. 

The four-part series explores the changing skyline around Greater Manchester over the course of a year. It follows property developers and their visions for the future as well as talking to local residents who are being pushed out of the city.

Episode 4 (Tuesday, September 8th) introduced viewers to Sarah Lomas, a multi-million-pound CEO from Greater Manchester.

Sarah was having a penthouse property created for her in the West Tower. Find out about Sarah Lomas here and her move to Manchester.

Who is Sarah Lomas?

Sarah Lomas is the founder and CEO of med-tech firm Reviv. Reviv is a global provider of intravenous (IV) therapy and vitamin injections, which has grown into a multi-million-pound business.

She is originally from Denton, a town in Tameside, Greater Manchester.

After leaving school at the age of 16, Sarah started out working as an apprentice in financial services. Her first role was in quality control. Sarah progressed quickly, but hurdles in her personal life such as her father dying when she was just 18, then becoming pregnant at 21, meant that Sarah had to rely on herself to support her family. She decided to move to London to progress her career, however, her northern accent became a barrier for her progression. This is when Sarah made the bold decision to move country.

First, Sarah went to work for banks in Belgium, then she moved to the Netherlands. Quickly, Sarah was managing a team of 600 people and became vice president for international sales at a Dutch bank.

Sarah Lomas set up Reviv in 2013 after developing an interest in IV therapy.

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Sarah Lomas and Reviv move to Manchester

When Sarah was launching Reviv in the UK, she again faced discrimination as a result of her northern accent. In response to this, Sarah decided to move her business to Manchester.

Sarah spoke to Business Live about how the landscape of Manchester has changed and has greatly improved for business. Sarah explained:

At the start of this journey, I could not get investors to come and visit Manchester. I tried, but they found it too unattractive. When I left Manchester, I never envisaged that I would come back. It had changed. It was different, vibrant, multicultural and creative, with a lot of talented people here.

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More on Reviv

After securing investment from American companies, Reviv was able to go global with its business.

Reviv now has over 50 clinics around the world, medical infrastructure in 41, “world class” laboratories in Switzerland, and the business is the leader in IV therapy and genetic analysis for health and wellbeing. So, she’s done pretty well then!





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