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Sewing Bee host and designer Esme Young proves good things come in short packages

The Great British Sewing Bee has become one of the UK’s most beloved and wholesome programmes since it first came out in 2013 and it boasts some impressive judges, including the legendary designer and sewer Esme Young.

During her impressive career, she has designed garments for some of the biggest names in Hollywood and has styled hundreds of outfits for the big screen.

One thing fans can’t help but notice about Esme is her petite height and frame and they now want to know just how tall she is. Reality Titbit has all the details on her height as well as an insight into her impressive career.

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Jailhouse Redemption | Official Trailer | discovery+

Jailhouse Redemption | Official Trailer | discovery+
Esme Young. Picture: The Great British Sewing Bee | Trailer – BBC Trailers

Esme’s height, age and birthplace explored

Esme was born in February 1949 and is currently 73 years old and still looking amazing may we add! The designer and sewer is originally from Bedfordshire in England, which is where she began to sew at just seven years old.

The Sewing Bee judge has since relocated and has spent most of her adult life in London. In terms of her height, Esme is 1.5m (5 feet exactly) making her a perfect example of good things coming in small packages as the pocket rocket is incredibly talented and charismatic.

Fans can’t get enough of her individuality that she has carried with her throughout her entire life and love how she has never let her short height affect her punk rocker vibes.

Esmee’s incredible sewing career

Esme has been sewing ever since was in school, where she made her first skirt at age seven. School is where she also discovered her love for creating clothes and her passion for fashion.

The star attended St Marts College of Arts to study fashion and here her dreams of making her own clothes grew, so much to the point that almost immediately after she graduated, she and her best friend, Willie Walters, opened their own store called Swanky Modes.

During her, over 50 years of experience, she has done some incredible things with her career and has dressed hundreds of celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio for his role in The Beach.

Esme has dressed some of the top celebrities

During an interview with Gathered, Esme was asked about her favourite outfit or costumes that she has designed and despite saying that all of them are important to her she did say that the bunny outfit she made for the first-ever Bridget Jones was the one she was most known for. Esme explained:

I’m probably most well known for making the bunny outfit in the first Bridget Jones film. It was a challenge because it had to stay up and Renee Zellweger had to act in it and wear it all day – and she could hardly sit down in it!

Esme Young, Gathered

Esme went on to say her most challenging assignment was for Leonardo DiCaprio’s role on The Beach, where she had to make his iconic shirt, she said:

The shape wasn’t difficult but the print was, and I had to make 10 shirts with identical prints for continuity. So each shirt – particularly the collar and the top half – all had to look the same.

Esme Young, Gathered


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