Sex On The Couch: Meet the couples looking to reignite their sex lives!
Sex On The Couch

Sex On The Couch: Meet the couples looking to reignite their sex lives!

The new fly-on-the-wall BBC series Sex On The Couch follows couples who have lost their magic in the bedroom.

Each episode will see different couples try to reignite their sexual spark, with the help of a team of professionals.

But who is in the Sex On The Couch cast? Here’s everything you need to know about the couples!

Sex On The Couch

Chloe and Tony

Sex On The Couch participants Tony and Chloe come from Blackpool.

Tony is 28-years-old and is a graphic designer, whilst 27-year-old Chloe works as a hotel receptionist.

The couple claims to have sex at least once a week, and during their stint on the show, Chloe and Tony are tasked with prioritising more time for one another.

Sex On The Couch, Chloe & Tony

Dana and James

Dana and James live together in Walsall.

James is 26-years-old and works as an automotive engineer. His partner Dana is 21-years of age and works as a hairdresser.

James complains that his significant other constantly pesters him for sex, which sees the couple be placed on a one-week sex ban.

Dana and James

Nick and Louisa

Nick and Louisa come from Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

The married couple first met whilst working as colleagues at a magazine publisher five years ago.

The pair came on the show as their sex lives are virtually non-existent.

Sex On The Couch

Joanne and Craig

Joanne and Craig from Newcastle have only been together for 18 months.

Despite being together for such a short amount of time, the couple is married and have a baby together.

Joanne and Craig claim to no longer have sex and during their time on the show, they are tasked with hugging for one minute twice a day.

Joanne and Craig

Rianna and Tanika

Rianna and Tanika have been together for a year.

27-year-old Tanika has only recently come out to her family and friends, and the couple’s ideas of what makes a good relationship differ greatly.

In the series, Tanika must learn to tame her high sex drive, whilst Riana must try and stop actively avoiding sex.

Tanika and Riana

Leah and Matthew

Leah and Matthew are a married couple who have witnessed their sex life take a turn for the worst.

Due to illness, Leah was confined to a wheelchair, which took a toll on their relationship.

And in order to reconnect sexually, the couple will both have to face their fears.

Leah and Matthew

Dani and Callum

Dani and Callum are childhood sweethearts.

The couple stopped having sex, and wish to reignite their spark.

But in order to do so, the pair are tasked with confronting their past.

Dani and Callum

Tomiwa and Wuunmi

Tomiwa and Wuunmi have been together for five years.

However, the pair are waiting to get married before they have sex.

Wuunmi is apprehensive about what sex will be like, whilst Tomiwa is curious to discover more about the female anatomy.

Tomiwa and Wumni

Asha and Matt

Asha and Matt are a student couple.

They hope to relive the amazing sex they had whilst on holiday.

However, the couple struggles to be honest about what they want and need from a relationship.

Asha and Matt

Phil and Kim

Phil and Kim blame their lack of energy and confidence in the bedroom on their lacklustre sex life.

However, the couple is forced to tackle a much deeper issue.

They arrive at the clinic hoping to get their sex life back on track.

Phil and Kim

Patrick and Barry

Patrick and Barry are looking for advice on how to maintain a good sex life.

The couple also struggles with their long-distance relationship.

In the clinic, it becomes clear that a serious conversation is needed about what they both get up to when they’re apart.

Patrick and Barry

Mikey and Dale

Mikey and Dale have very different sex drives.

Their differences when it comes to sex turns into a deeper conversation about the roles they play in the relationship.

And their time in the clinic has some dramatic consequences.

Mikey and Dale

What is Sex On The Couch about?

Sex On The Couch is a brand new six-part series for BBC Three.

The series offers viewers insight into the modern complexities of relationships and specifically look into the problems faced in people’s sex lives.

Each episode, real couples aim to address their sexual and emotional issues in a specially constructed clinic.

Sex On The Couch

When is Sex On The Couch on TV?

Sex On The Couch was released on BBC Three on Friday, April 26th.

You can catch all six episodes on the BBC iPlayer.

The series is also aired weekly at 11.25 pm on BBC One.



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