Series 5 of Shop Well For Less? saw one of it’s most difficult cases in the final episode on Wednesday, August 22nd with the Tulino family.

Steph McGovern and Alex Jones had a tough time convincing big spender Antoinette and her 14-year-old brand-loving daughter Ellis to swap for cheaper alternatives. They were worried that cheaper products would sacrifice quality and single mum Antoinette still wanted to get her kids the best money could buy.

One area where Antoinette was chucking her money was at Ellis’ expenses. Her hair, wardrobe, makeup was costing the household thousands a year.

But Steph and Alex managed to find a new product for Ellis’ makeup routine that made her realise that a big price tag doesn’t result in high quality!

Screenshot: Shop Well For Less S4 E5 – iPlayer

Ellis’ mega makeup spending

Antoinette was spending an insane £2000 a year on Ellis’ beauty products, clothes and other luxuries such as personal training sessions. She admitted to Steph and Alex that she’s “weak when it comes to Ellis.”

As they totalled up how much the Tulino family were spending, the Shop Well For Less? presenters realised that much of the household budget was going towards Ellis.

She spent a whopping £530 on leggings, £200 on makeup brushes and over £500 on makeup alone.

And one area that Steph and Alex targetted in their swap was Ellis’ high-end beauty products.

£2 mascara is a swap

Ellis was not at all convinced with the swapped shampoo and conditioner. She said “I am not washing my hair with them products” and flat-out refused to give them a try.

But the mascara they switched was a real hit and Ellis was taken aback with how good the quality was. She even thought it was more expensive than her regular mascara.

Ellis said: “I like this mascara, it looks really nice on me. I didn’t even put a lot on there and it makes my eyelashes look really natural.”

The mascara seen in the episode which Ellis said was a definite swap was from Essence mascara and by swapping to Essence, the Tulino family could save nearly £230 per year!

Where can you buy Essence mascara?

The exact mascara seen was the ‘All Eyes On Me Waterproof Mascara’ by Essence which you can buy for just £1.84 per bottle here.

You can also find Essence’s mascaras in Wilko’s across the UK!

If you’re after a cheaper alternative to the big high street makeup brands, Essence is a 100% the go-to choice.

Screenshot: Shop Well For Less S4 E5 – iPlayer



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