Sir David Jason's The One Show "innuendos" divides viewers - what did he say?

Legendary British actor Sir David Jason has caused a stir after his appearance on The One Show last night (Monday, December 9th).

David Jason went on the show to discuss his extensive career in the industry, his work as Del Boy on Only Fools and Horses, and the revival of Granville in the upcoming special of Still Open All Hours. This special episode will air on December 23rd.

However, things weren’t all jolly and festive after comments made by the actor unsettled both The One Show presenters, Michelle Ackerley and Amol Rajan, as well as viewers at home.

So, what did David Jason say that was so controversial? And what is everyone saying about his comments?

Screenshot: The One Show 09/12/2019 – iPlayer

What did David Jason say?

While David Jason was discussing working on the revival of Open All Hours for 2019 this December, he mentioned that he would not stop making innuendos on set.

David told Michelle and Amol:

What happened a couple of times is that… if I see something, with any male or female, usually it is a female, I must admit, that I will pass a comment, and observe and put it on camera, and they will save it as a pass… can’t use it because it is a bit sensitive.

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David then jokes that he was given an award – a statue of a golden sausage – at the end of filming “for the best innuendo.” He added:

Use your imagination, when they gave me the award for the best innuendo, what was it that I was saying? You daren’t bend down if I’m in the show.

Screenshot: The One Show 09/12/2019 – iPlayer

Screenshot: The One Show 09/12/2019 – iPlayer

Twitter outrage

David’s comments, which made Amol and Michelle both look incredibly uncomfortable, also infuriated viewers.

One viewer Tweeted:

Yes, David Jason is a great actor, a national treasure and 79 years old. He also just implied he touches women up when they bend over at his place of work. It’s not being sensitive, or a snowflake, or a soft leftie to point out that the second sentence is not okay.

Another questioned whether “David Jason basically admitted to god knows what forms of sexual harassment live on tv?!”

Sir David’s supporters

Considering how long Sir David Jason has been in the industry, the OBE has an extremely large and loyal fanbase. So, it’s no surprise that they poured out in support of the actor after he made such innuendos on The One Show.

Many complained about “snowflakes” being overly sensitive to what they assumed to be merely a joke.

Others, who had not seen the clip but were prepared to offer their two cents said: “I seriously doubt he was hinting at anything inappropriate. Why does Twitter ALWAYS go for the worst possible interpretation of everything?”

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