Former Small Teen Bigger World star Jasmine Burkitt has passed away at the age of 28, her ‘devastated’ fiancé Lewis Burke has said.

Jasmine Emily Wakefield Burkitt first shot to fame after appearing in the BBC four-part documentary series of Small Teen, Bigger World back in 2011. As per The Sun, Jazz was bullied since the age of 13 as she was born with dwarfism.

Once the then-teenager stopped filming for the show, she met her partner Lewis Burke. The two had been dating ever since. Before Jasmine’s devastating death, the couple was set to tie the knot.

The cause of her death is still unknown. Nonetheless, fans who remember Jazz for her touching documentary have been leaving messages in tribute.

Jasmine Burkitt

Jasmine Burkitt on BBC Three’s ‘Small Teen Bigger World’ credit: BBC

As reported by The Mirror, her fiancé Lewis Burker broke the news of Jazz’s sudden death on their shared Facebook account. Sharing a picture of the two, he wrote: “She is the most incredible human that ever walked this planet, she is the strongest, funniest, most kindest and purely decent person I’ve ever known. I am truly devastated. She changed my life forever and I’ll never be the same.

In Small Teen, Bigger World, Jasmine (Jazz), took viewers into her life living as a dwarf during her teenage years. Fans were able to see what life was like as the height of the average nine-year-old.

She was living with her mother Beverly and her two grandparents Norman and Margaret. Throughout the hour-length episodes, she shows her ups and downs, as well as falling in love for the first time.

Lewis and Jazz met in 2011, shortly after Small Teen Bigger World ended. The reports revealed the couple were living in a woodland area in a tent since 2021, after struggling to get a council property.

The duo had plans to set up a fundraiser for money to purchase a plot of land to live off-the-grid.

Remembering Jazz – “Such an inspiration”

Fans of the well-loved Jasmine have been leaving their messages of support as they remember her for being an inspiration in the dwarfism community. Her inspiring autobiography and appearance on Small Teen Bigger World inspired many fans who are now expressing sadness over her loss.

Fans also left hundreds of heartfelt messages underneath the picture of the couple on their joint Facebook.

“Jasmine was a beautiful lady with a wonderful soul. Sleep easy in heaven with your mum lovely sweet girl,” one fan wrote. Another one added: “You two have been an inspiration to me.”

A friend of Jasmine’s from college, remembered her: “She was the best laugh at college, great sense of humour, so sorry she’s gone. Rip Jazz.

Another follower commented: “Oh my God this has turned my stomach. Devastated for you all. Oh jazz, if only love was enough to save you.

Life after Small Teen Bigger World

Jasmine Burkitt on BBC Three’s ‘Small Teen Bigger World’ credit: BBC

After departing from a successful run at Small Teen Bigger World, where it garnered over a million views, the teenager embarked on a journey where she published her own autobiography in 2013. According to ABTC, the following year, her mother Beverly passed away due to a respiratory organ problem.

After a decade of a relationship with Lewis and financial struggles in between, the two were forced to live out in a tent. They were sharing their journeys through their co-owned Facebook page.

Gathering more than 3k followers, the couple would often post pictures of themselves and their first home caravan.

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