Stella Abrahams is making her Gardeners’ World debut on BBC by showing viewers her flower-filled abode. She has already inspired fans across the UK to start growing pelargoniums this year…

We often see hobby gardeners provide fellow green-fingered enthusiasts with useful tips and suggestions on the Friday night show, and just in time for spring, Stella is doing just that on the April 8th 2022 episode.

Having followed in her father’s passion for pelargoniums in particular, she is set to show us around a plant pot heaven of pinks and purples. Each plant is grown and cared for inside a greenhouse any gardener could only dream of.

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Who is Stella Abrahams?

With over 600 plants in her collection, Shella Abrahams is a passionate pelargonium grower in Hertfordshire.

Just like her dad, she has developed a real passion for the flowers, and has now made her Gardeners’ World debut.

The BBC star spends most of her time watering and caring for her plants, and will be sharing her advice with viewers during episode 5 of the Friday night show.

She inspires Gardeners’ World fans

After Stella’s episode was promoted by BBC Gardeners’ World, viewers began feeling inspired to grow flowers like hers and shared their excitement for the upcoming episode on April 8th.

One fan wrote: “Yessss!!! Can’t wait! Hoping to grow my first pellies this year 😃 was so hoping GW would feature them!

Several viewers shared how they had, like Stella, began to grow flowers like family members. One said: “I’ve got some ancient pelargoniums that I inherited from my Dad. They mean a lot to me even though they look increasingly peculiar

Delighted to be a friend of hers. very excited to see tomorrow’s episode“, wrote a supporter of the gardener. While another shared: “Beautiful, can’t wait to see her.”

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How to grow pelargoniums

Pelargoniums should be grown in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. The main advice is to cut them back in late summer and take cuttings to insure against winter losses. 

The BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine warns that the flowers can be toxic to cats and dogs, but says that the plants can normally be grown as annual bedding plants although they can be overwintered indoors.

Rich soil is preferred when it comes to caring for pelargoniums. For best results, feed them with a high potash fertiliser during summer and deadhead spent blooms regularly. Gardeners should also bring the plants indoors for winter.



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