Ambulance pays tribute to Stephen Pollitt: BBC viewers heartbroken by end of series 5

The fifth series of Ambulance drew to a dramatic conclusion on Thursday, July 16th. 

The new BBC series had been broken down into two parts: the first half was set in Manchester, the second in Liverpool. Both areas are serviced by the North West Ambulance Service. We have been following this particular area over the past two series.

After one of the most shocking episodes of Ambulance to date, the episode concluded with an emotional tribute to Stephen Pollitt. This left many wondering who Stephen was in relation to the series or whether he was one of the North West Ambulance Service team members. Stephen was, in fact, one of the unnamed patients featured earlier in the episode. Find out more about the Ambulance tribute here.

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Who was Stephen Pollitt?

Stephen Pollitt was a 38-year-old from Liverpool.

On Sunday, March 3rd 2019, Stephen tragically died after a shocking 50ft fall from the second floor of the Museum of Liverpool. The death was not treated as suspicious. Stephen had telephoned his mother before the fall signalling his intention to take his own life.


In the episode of Ambulance, they were unsure of what had happened to Stephen; whether he had fallen or jumped. The North West Ambulance Service received a call which explained: “A member of the public has just come over from the second floor balcony, down to the ground floor.”

Ambulance pays tribute to Stephen

The final Ambulance episode concluded with updates on those patients who had been featured in the episode. It ended with a tribute specifically for Stephen Pollitt.

It included a quote from the Pollitt family who wrote: “As a family we are still grieving, every day still hurts. He was cared for, loved and is missed every single day.”

The episode then concluded with the tribute: “Stephen, 1980 – 2019”

Screenshot: Ambulance – Liverpool S5 E6 – iPlayer

Ambulance viewers continue condolences

The episode inevitably shook many viewers, and since it aired on Thursday, July 16th, viewers have been pouring out condolences to Stephen’s family.

The featured tweet below contains resources for all of those in need. If you were affected by the Ambulance episode, we urge you to reach out and seek help. This tweet has an important thread featuring numbers you can text or call in times of need.

Our thoughts are with the Stephen’s family and friends.




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