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Strictly Come Dancing Katya falls over - seven stages of her two tumbles!

Strictly Come Dancing is back for 2019 with a variety of famous faces ready to dance their socks off.

Giving up their day jobs as actors, social media stars, athletes and more, the celebrities are trying their best to brush up on their dancing skills including everything from the rumba to the jive.

Normally it’s the celebrity participants that take a tumble during the live performances but week 3 on the show saw one of the professionals fall over, not once, but twice!

Let’s take a look at the seven stages of Strictly Come Dancing’s Katya falling over…

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Mike and Katya – BBC

Strictly Come Dancing: Katya and Mike’s crazy routine

It was very optimistic of whoever made the choice to give a Magic Mike theme to Mike and Katya, but nevertheless, they gave it a good go.

The routine was full of hip thrusts and “saucy moves” in Mike’s words. But there was one element of the dance that Katya and Mike probably didn’t rehearse.

This is all after Mike slid down a pole and whipped off a fireman’s uniform…

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Mike and Katya – BBC

Magic Mike goes horribly wrong

The Strictly crew will clearly stop at nothing to provide tip-top entertainment with some of the ‘movie week’ dance themes including Pokemon, Austin Powers and Kung Fu Panda.

Mike and Katya were handed Magic Mike as their movie and the routine began with Ginuwine’s Pony playing in the background before the music mixed into The Weather Girls’ It’s Raining Men.

This was a routine attempting to release Mike’s inhibitions and ‘bring sexy back’…

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Mike and Katya – BBC

Impending doom

The routine was drawing towards the punchy ending and perhaps all that excitement got the better of Katya.

With each stride towards the back of the stage, Mike at the end of her fingertips, we could all see what was about to happen.

Katya tripped over meanwhile her celebrity partner had to try and maintain composure.

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Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Mike and Katya – BBC

Katya hits the deck

Making their way through all the twists and turns of the cha-cha-cha routine, Mike and Katya almost made it to the end of the performance without any major hitches.

But one foot out of place and Katya was on the floor.

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Katya falls – BBC

The 30-year-old managed to twirl around on the floor in an attempt to save her fall.

However, it wasn’t quite something that could be covered up.

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Katya falls – BBC

Mike was there to lend a helping hand and the fast-paced routine had to continue.

The pair carried on dancing with Mike finishing off the routine with his all-important attempt at the worm.

Katya and Mike made their way over to the judges for feedback for Tess Daly to remark that it was the confetti to blame – however it didn’t look as if any confetti had fallen until after Katya’s fall.

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Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Katya falls – BBC

She’s not finished yet!

As if hitting the ground during their performance wasn’t enough, as Mike and Katya made their way to get the judges scores she fell over again!

This time her fall was even more dramatic as Katya’s arm flew up into the air.

It looks like poor Mike couldn’t keep up!

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Mike and Katya – BBC

After falling to the ground twice by the time she got to Claudia Winkleman and the rest of the show’s dancers, Katya had nothing left to do but smile it off.

Some of her fellow dancers looked on in horror, while others seemed to laugh off the tumble along with Katya.

Katya later took to Twitter to confirm that she wasn’t drunk during the show and said that her second fall was on purpose. Katya wrote:

“FYI I did it again on purpose in Claudia’s area! And im def not drunk as some people think.”

Screen Shot: Strictly Come Dancing Katya falls – BBC




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