Tej Lalvani’s net worth is pretty astonishing.

For someone who is only 44 years old, Tej sure has a lot of buck in his bank. He may be the newest Dragon, but he’s actually one of the richest.

But how did Tej make his fortune at such a tender age? Well, tender age in the business world, anyway.

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What is Tej Lalvani’s Net Worth?

According to Spear’s Magazine, Tej has an astonishing reported net worth that is estimated to be around £275 million.

Peter Jones is the only dragon who has a larger net worth – with £435 million. But Peter Jones is 52, so he has eight years on Tej. And, in the last eight years, Jones’ net worth has almost doubled.

The same could happen to Tej. You’ve got competition, Peter.

Dragons' Den
Dragons’ Den

How Did Tej Lalvani Get Rich?

Well, he did have a helping hand.

It’s not exactly the Alan Sugar rags to riches fairytale we’ve come to expect from a lot of millionaire businessmen and businesswomen.

Instead, Tej worked in the warehouse of his dad’s company, Vitabiotics. He then succeeded his father as CEO of the company.

Tej does also run a property investment business in London, along with his wife Tara Ruby.

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How Did Tej Lalvani Get on Dragons’ Den?

Tej’s journey to the Dragons’ Den is a bit complex, involving the departure of an old Dragon and the rapid hiring and subsequent departure of a new one.

Nick Jenkins left the show after series 14, serving as a Dragon for just two seasons.

Then, Steve Parish – the chairman of Crystal Palace football club – agreed to take over the vacant position. But Steve very quickly found he just did not have the time to be a Dragon alongside his other responsibilities.

Therefore, the Den was left vacant again and the BBC had to recruit another entrepreneur. Up stepped Tej Lalvani and the rest, as they say, is history.

Programme Name: Dragons’ Den – TX: 02/09/2018 – Episode: Dragons’ Den 2018


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