Lord Alan Sugar may have told several contestants ‘you’re fired’ over the years, but The Apprentice 2022 has had some fans wishing other people made it to the finale.

Fans have spoken out over their favourite contestants who they wished were not fired ahead of The Apprentice 2022 finale and had another chance to fight for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

Although it’s tough to see favourites leave each week, The Apprentice 2022 finale airs tonight as two entrepreneurs go head-to-head.

Who are the finalists for The Apprentice 2022?

  • Harpreet Kaur

The 30-year-old from West Yorkshire runs a successful coffee and cakes business that reached a six-figure annual turnover. As she is hoping to get Lord Sugar’s investment for her business to expand across the UK.

Harpreet has been a solid contestant and has won eight out of 10 tasks, with two as project manager.

  • Kathryn Burn

The 29-year-old from Swindon runs an online pajama brand. According to The Sun, she has launched different collections such as My Christmas Pyjamas in 2018 and My Everyday Pyjamas in 2022.

She has demonstrated that she was capable of gaining Lord Sugar’s attention by successfully winning the first task as project manager.

However, she has lost seven out of 10 tasks and been in the boardroom five times.

Some fans have predicted that Harpreet will become the winner of the Series 16 of The Apprentice. It has been reported by More Radio that the two final contestants do not hold a grudge despite going head-to-head in the finale.

Fired contestants who fans thought they didn’t deserve to go

Those who have been following the series for weeks and seen their favourite contestants’ fired by Lord Sugar, vented over the decisions online.

One Twitter user said after Brittany Carter left in week 11: “Brittany has been fired such a shame as she was a lovely girl.
“She just picked the wrong business. She should of chose Hospitality. Good luck Brittany.”

Another wrote: “I can’t believe Al fired Stephanie,” when she was given the boot in the same week.

One fan wasn’t happy over Lord Sugar’s decision for Harpeet and Kathryn to fight for the crown.

Amy Anzel, the most controversial contestant

Amy Anzel – the eldest contestant that the show has ever had – has now been banned from the final spin-off show.

As Amy was fired after the sixth task, she accused the entrepreneur of ageism and anti-Americanism, describing his reason for firing her as “b******t”.

“Amy didn’t sell she was so slow. Slower than broadband Wi-Fi in Cornwall,” Lord Alan Sugar had later tweeted about her.

The Mirror claimed that Amy found the tweets “nasty, hurtful and insulting”.

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The Apprentice airs on BBC One tonight (Thursday, March 24) at 9pm, and on BBC iPlayer

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