The Apprentice is back on BBC One this October for its fifteenth series, seeing the return of Lord Sugar and his trusted advisors, all ready to grill the new batch of candidates.

If you’re one of the advisors to the bonafide business legend and billionaire Lord Alan Sugar, you must have some business chops yourself. And so it’s no surprise that Claude Littner and Karren Brady are millionaires in their own right.

So, how has Karren Brady become a multi-millionaire? What does she do?

Here’s everything you need to know about The Apprentice advisor’s net worth in 2019 and her road to riches!

Lord Sugar, Claude Littner - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring Photographer: Jim Marks
Lord Sugar, Claude Littner – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring
Photographer: Jim Marks

Karren Brady: Career

Karren Brady found her feet in the media industry working as a trainee for the mega ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. She worked up to the rank of advertising executive before she moved to London Broadcasting Company (LBC).

She worked with LBC as an account executive and brought in one of the company’s biggest clients when Daily Sports owner David Sullivan asked her to take manage his account – he was a friend of her father.

David Sullivan spent a whopping £2 million of advertising money on LBC.

He was so impressed with Karren’s work that gave her a director’s role at Sport Newspapers when she was just 20-years-old! It was when Karren started her career in the sporting industry that the real money started to roll in.

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‘The First Lady of Football’

In 1993, Karren persuaded David Sullivan that it was a good idea to invest in Birmingham City F.C. which wasn’t yet of top club status. He listened to her business advice and bought the club for just £700,000.

And we bet David was glad he did as in 2009 he managed to sell Birmingham City for £82 million!

In March 1993, Karren was appointed the club’s managing director at the age of just 23. It was while she was in this role that she met her future husband, footballer Paul Peschisolido.

Karren’s career in football did not stop after David Sullivan – and his business partner David Gold – sold Birmingham. In fact, in 2010 Karren was appointed as vice-chairman of West Ham United after the two Davids bought the club.

Not only has Karren Brady held the position of chairman for Premier League football clubs, she has also held top-ranking positions at Kerrang!, Channel 4, Syco and even Sir Phillip Green’s Arcadia Group.

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What is Karren Brady’s net worth in 2019?

Spear’s Magazine estimated that Karren Brady is worth £85 million in 2019.

As they estimated this was her net worth two years ago, we don’t think this is exact and that her net worth is now higher.

Two years ago, The Richest also estimated that Karren was worth £93.4 million, which we think is a more appropriate figure for Karren’s net worth. This is taking into account that she continues to appear on The Apprentice and West Ham continues to succeed in the Premier League.

It is unconfirmed how much Alan Sugar, Karren and Claude make from appearing on The Apprentice but Karren has stated that her and Claude make the same as one another.



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