We are now over halfway through The Apprentice 2019, with the competition getting stiffer week by week. We haven’t even made it to the final but already this has been one of the most explosive seasons to date. From the racism scandal in the first week to the sexism debate later on, this year has seen some of the show’s most talked-about moments.

Two of the youngest candidates have made the biggest splash on this season: Lottie Lion and Ryan-Mark Parsons.

Known for their verging-on-provocative natures and ‘posh totty’ attitudes, Ryan and Lottie have been non-stop talked about online with growing fan bases each week.

So, with Lottie pretty much sailing on her way to the final, let’s get to know her better.

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Lottie Lion: Family

Lottie was born to a Belgian family in North Devon before they relocated to Dulverton, West Somerset later on. This is where Lottie still lives.

The 19-year-old had an entrepreneurial spirit from the outset and started her own business at the age of 12. She started a car-wash business and also cleaned houses for the elderly.

More recently, Lottie started her own private members’ club for young women in the countryside. Seeking to bring women in more rural areas together, Lottie organises events for the club such as shooting and horse riding.

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Where did Lottie go to school?

Lottie Lion first went to Bratton Fleming Primary School in North Devon.

When she moved to Somerset later on, she switched schools and attended Richard Huish College, a sixth form in Taunton.

It is unconfirmed where Lottie went for secondary school in between Bratton Fleming and Richard Huish.

Although you might expect Lottie to have attended an expensive private school, much like her Apprentice co-star, Ryan-Mark, Richard Huish is a state-run sixth form.

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Where did Lottie work as a librarian?

Throughout her time on The Apprentice, Lottie has been described as a librarian. And although some have struggled a 19-year-old would voluntarily be a librarian as a profession, Lottie’s telling the truth!

She worked as a librarian before entering the series at Bishop Fox’s School in Taunton.

Lottie also helped out at the school as a reading assistant.



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