Meet Carina Lepore and son Lucas - The Apprentice's most adorable duo on Instagram!

Meet Carina Lepore and son Lucas - The Apprentice's most adorable duo on Instagram!

In what was one of The Apprentice’s toughest finals ever, Lord Alan Sugar has finally selected which of the two candidates he would like to hire – and give that all-important £250,000 investment!

From a lineup of sixteen candidates, Scarlett Allen-Horton and Carina Lepore made it to the final two. But it was Carina and her brilliant bakery pitch that convinced Lord Alan that she deserved to win.

Following Carina’s success, she revealed that she had to keep her win from her 7-year-old son, so he wouldn’t blab to his friends.

So, who is Carina’s son? Let’s get to know the Lepore family a bit better!

Screenshot: The Apprentice S15 E12 – iPlayer

Meet Carina Lepore and her son

The winner of The Apprentice is 30-year-old Carina Lepore, who originally hails from Croydon, South London.

Carina has a 7-year-old son called Lucas. Lucas is all over Carina’s Instagram and the two appear to be incredibly close. From holidays to Ibiza and big family days out, Carina and Lucas are an adorable mother-son duo!

Lucas has worked as a child model for the past few years and is on the books with kids modelling agency, Urban Angels.

It is unconfirmed who Lucas’ father is.

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Carina keeps the win to herself

In an interview with The Sun Online following her win, Carina explained that she had to keep her success to herself.

Carina said: “I haven’t told him [I’ve won] yet. He might blab!”

But she continued to explain that he would see she won the day the episode aired. Carina explained:

Tonight he’ll know. Even getting to this stage he’s really impressed. I’m glad I got to show him work hard and believe in your dreams and you can do it. That’s what I think I’ve done.

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The Lepore family’s proudest achievement

Although Carina withheld her win from Lucas until now, that didn’t stop her sharing the news with the rest of her family.

In the same interview with The Sun, Carina explained that her dad, Carlo was incredibly proud of her achievements.

Carina said: “He’s [Carlo] very proud, he can’t really believe it as well. We’re all so overwhelmed by it. We’re really chuffed.”

The Lepore family are clearly very close. Carina is best pals with her sister Rachelle, they even have matching tattoos!




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