The Apprentice: Aphrodite electric bike makes most money ever on task!

The Apprentice 2019 is well underway with the tasks and briefs increasing in difficulty every week.

The newly established teams, Empower and Unison took on the growing world of electric bikes in episode 4 (Wednesday, October 23rd).

And while both teams weren’t happy with their end results and execution, they still managed to take away the most money ever made on a set task.

So, what was the Aphrodite electric bike that they made on The Apprentice?

Screenshot: The Apprentice series 15 episode 4 – BBC

What was the bike brief?

Week four saw Lord Alan take the remaining thirteen contestants to the London Transport Museum, where they discovered their brief was to define an electric bike.

This was the most hands-on brief the candidates have faced yet as they needed to design a prototype and then plan and host a launch event where they could pitch their new bikes to retailers. It was definitely a step up from creating ice lollies and toys!

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The teams had just two days to execute the task set.

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Aphrodite electric bike

Team Empower was led by Iasha Masood this week and her angle was to design the electric bike for the ‘yummy mummy’ market.

Iasha’s team created the Aphrodite bike for a client they called “Sophisticated Sarah.” They hoped to nail the brief by focussing on a consumer when developing the product, although viewers on Twitter weren’t sold on the idea of Sophisticated Sarah.

Their slogan was “modern riding refined.”

Along with the Aphrodite bike, Empower were also selling bike accessories such as helmets. This greatly shifted their sales over Team Unison’s lycra cycling gear.

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Screenshot: The Apprentice series 15 episode 4 – BBC

Team Empower take a massive win

It was a big week for both teams, but Empower blew Team Unison out of the water.

Lord Sugar’s adviser Claude Littner revealed that they had received orders of £1.2million for the bike to the astonishment of Empower and everyone else in the boardroom.

Unison took away £437,000, a large figure but one that pales in comparison.

And this statistic shocked viewers, who thought the Aphrodite bike was in no way better than Team Unison’s E-Fit.




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