The Apprentice series 15 is well underway, with the competition getting more and more heated and cringe-worthy each episode.

Episode 7 (Wednesday, November 13th) saw the candidates take on the rebranding of Finland, creating an advertising campaign to encourage holiday-goers that it is an ideal summer destination.

Dean Ahmad stepped up as the project manager for one of the teams this episode. And somehow, to the surprise of fans, he managed to stay in the competition despite his serious fail!

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Who is Dean from The Apprentice?

Dean Ahmad is one of the youngest contestants this year on The Apprentice. Dean is a 20-year-old from Essex.

He is the owner of the sports management agency, Fine Edge Cricket. According to his LinkedIn, Dean has accrued over $2million worth of deals in the sporting industry and also represents some star cricketers.

But if you thought that experience would lead to his success on The Apprentice, you’d be wrong.

Follow Dean on Instagram @deanahmah_ to find out more about the 2019 candidate.

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Dean’s PM fail

Episode 7 saw Dean appointed as the project manager, but neither the clients nor the board were impressed with Dean’s job.

And he failed to impress his fellow candidates as well. Lottie had us all in stitches when she replied “good for you” to Dean’s plans to “step up.”

Lord Alan Sugar also gave cutting reviews of Dean, describing him as an “inactive geezer” like the ones you’d find in Finland.

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Luck on Dean’s side

Somehow, Dean’s team won the challenge, but it was not thanks to his leadership skills. This meant Dean was safe for another week.

The bottom three candidates this episode were Ryan-Mark, Jemelin and Marianne.

All three fought for their place but Jemelin was the candidate sent home. Fans were quick to note that it was unfair on many levels that Jemelin was sent home over the others. One viewer Tweeted: “Unfair on Jemelin to go. Least she did something in this task.”



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