Why isn't Lottie Lion on You're Fired? The Apprentice star does not show up for final!

Why isn't Lottie Lion on You're Fired? The Apprentice star does not show up for final!

After a season of shocks, laughs and everything in between, the winner of The Apprentice series 15 has finally been crowned!

Carina Lepore just beat Scarlett Allen-Horton to the win, after the toughest final viewers – and Lord Alan – had seen in years. And while all the candidates from this season returned for the after show, You’re Fired, one memorable contestant was noticeably absent.

So, why isn’t Lottie Lion on You’re Fired for the final episode (Wednesday, December 18th)? Here is what’s gone down with Lottie since filming!

Screenshot: The Apprentice S15 E8 – iPlayer

The final Apprentice: You’re Fired episode

As the season came to its conclusion, the former candidates all returned to discuss the events and result of the series with host, Tom Allen.

As all of the candidates were introduced, they came out in pairs. Lewis Ellis walked out alone, signally that there was one candidate missing from the lineup. And that candidate was Lottie Lion.

Having Lewis walk out in front of a studio audience alone is doubly awkward, considering he and Lottie had a fling on the trip to Finland!

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Where was Lottie?

When Lottie was fired from the series in the penultimate episode (Wednesday, December 11th), it was revealed that the BBC had not invited her to the following episode of You’re Fired.

Last week, a spokesperson told Digital Spy:

Following an inquiry by the production company into the unacceptable comments made by Lottie on a private messenger service, she was informed that she would not be invited to participate in You’re Fired.

This is in reference to messages Lottie had sent on The Apprentice WhatsApp group toward fellow candidate, Lubna Farhan. The offensive messages were revealed to the public back in October and caused quite the scandal.

So, it’s no surprise Lottie wasn’t also invited to the final You’re Fired episode!

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What did Lottie have to say?

In a candid interview with the Daily Mail, Lottie revealed that she had been banned from giving interviews.

Lottie said:

The BBC have portrayed me in this horrendous way, they’ve left me high and dry. They told me that they knew I wasn’t a racist and yet went to the papers and said, “Yes, we don’t condone what Lottie’s done.”

Lottie has not made anymore comments about The Apprentice or the incident.




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