The Graham Norton Show: Tamsin Greig and Mark Ruffalo have never seen Friends before!

The Graham Norton Show has been airing on the BBC since 2009, after a solid 11 years, the chat show is onto its 26th series in 2020.

Airing on BBC One on Fridays at 10:35 pm, Graham interviews a variety of famous faces each week. Everyone from Helen Mirren to Robert De Niro has graced the red sofa.

Episode 17 saw David Schwimmer, Mark Ruffalo, Nick Mohammed, Tamsin Greig and Alicia Keys on the show. The celebrities were clearly up for baring all during the show as David revealed that he used to work as a roller-skating waiter while Nick admitted making catastrophic errors in his previous job.

Tamsin Greig also let a cat out of the bag on episode 17 of The Graham Norton Show…

Screenshot: The Graham Norton Show Tamsin Greig – BBC

Tamsin Greig on The Graham Norton Show

A revelation which should pretty much be illegal came out during The Graham Norton Show episode 17 (Friday, February 7th 2020).

The line-up for the episode included David Schwimmer – AKA Ross Geller from Friends. However, Friday Night Dinner’s Tamsin Greig and Dark Waters actor Mark Ruffalo explained that they’ve never watched the iconic show.

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It seems that the actors were pretty much out of the loop as Tamsin also revealed that her son created her a Powerpoint presentation to get her up to speed with the Avengers movies before watching Endgame.

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Tamsin Greig and Matt LeBlanc

In a new series of Episodes, Tamsin Greig and Matt LeBlanc star alongside each other.

It was revealed on episode 17 of The Graham Norton Show that Tamsin actually had to Google Matt LeBlanc before filming scenes with him for the show – who doesn’t know who Joey Tribbiani is?!

As well as starring in Episodes, she’s also appearing in a new ITV series Belgravia which will air in 2020.

David Schwimmer’s first appearance on Graham Norton

For the first time ever, David Schwimmer appeared on The Graham Norton Show on February 7th. He and Nick Mohammed both star in Sky One comedy Intelligence which is set to air from February 21st 2020.

Made mega-famous by Friends, David Swchimmer was also up for exposing some secrets including the fact that he used to work as a roller-skating waiter.

He and Mark Ruffalo both vibed on the fact that they used to work at the same restaurant chain. David explained that his work character was named “Romeo”, while Mark’s was “Frankie”.

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