The emotional moment Darren's house was unveiled on DIY SOS - paralysed father who just lost his wife

The brand new series of DIY SOS kick-started on Wednesday, April 3rd. However, episode 1 of the new series wasn’t your regular 60 minutes of regulations and renovations.

No, this one meant much more.

Here is the moment Nick Knowles and his team transformed Darren Hudson’s home, leaving him shocked and in awe having recently lost his wife.

The Hudson family and Nick Knowles.

Who is Darren Hudson?

Darren is a 47-year-old living in Hessle, near Hull.

The former roofer had his life upended after he developed caude equina syndrome – a devastating injury to the spinal cord leaving him paralysed from the waist down.

But as viewers learnt, this was not the only tragedy to have struck the Hudson family.

Shortly after becoming paralysed, Darren’s wife tragically passed, leaving him as the sole carer for three children.

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What happened to Darren’s wife, Sarah?

Darren’s childhood sweetheart Sarah passed away on Boxing Day 2017.

She passed away in the family home and was tragically found by her sons.

It is unconfirmed how she passed.

DIY SOS S30 E1: Darren and Sarah Hudson.

Who are the Hudson children?

In the few years Sarah and Darren spent apart in their early twenties, Sarah had two children of her own.

When the couple reunited they had a third son.

Mike (25), Oliver (18) and Harvey (15) all live with Darren and he says they are all more like “best mates rather than father and son”.

Ollie was born with hydrocephalus – more commonly known as ‘water on the brain’ – which has left him severely disabled.

Nick Knowles and his DIY SOS team had the task of making the Hudson home more accessible for both Darren and Ollie and redesigning it for their current situation.

DIY SOS S30 E1: The Hudson family.

How did Darren react to the renovation?

When Nick Knowles unveiled the new Hudson family home, there were inevitably tears from both the Hudson’s and the viewers.

They were provided with accessible rooms, a lift to help Darren upstairs, kitchen equipment that could be used by all the family – and a jacuzzi!

Darren spoke to the Hull Daily Mail about the work of DIY SOS:

If this hadn’t happened I don’t know where I would be and we’ve come a long way as a family over the past 12 months.

The work of the DIY SOS team has changed the Hudson family’s lives and here’s hoping they’ll be happy in their new home!

Darren, Mike and Harvey Hudson in their new home.

Harvey and Darren Hudson.



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