The One Show: Bon Jovi looks bored stiff as viewers slam the rock singer’s tiresome BBC appearance!
Bon Jovi on The One Show

The One Show: Bon Jovi looks bored stiff as viewers slam the rock singer’s tiresome BBC appearance!

It’s not every day that The One Show welcomes a famous rock singer on its green sofa.

Yesterday (February 25th), presenters Alex Jones and Matt Baker were joined by rock legend Bon Jovi for a chat on the BBC One show.

But one thing that left viewers quite baffled was the singer’s tiresome look on the talk show.

Here’s why Bon Jovi was on The One Show, as well as why viewers have slammed his bored appearance.

Bon Jovi on The One Show

Bon Jovi on The One Show

The rock legend was on the BBC One show to share details about his upcoming album Bon Jovi 2020. He recently released his new single Limitless from the album.

But, Bon Jovi only released the single’s lyrics as he wanted to give fans the opportunity to record their own version of the song.

Speaking to Alex and Matt, he revealed that he’d already picked a fan from California to join him on stage.

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Bon Jovi on The One Show

Viewers have slammed Bon Jovi’s bored appearance

Bon Jovi’s tiresome appearance didn’t get unnoticed by viewers watching at home. Many of them have taken to Twitter to share their reactions.

“Not seen boredom in a man’s eyes, until you have seen Jon Bon Jovi on the one show sofa,” tweeted one viewer.

Another one noted: “Jon Bon Jovi didn’t look comfortable on that sofa tonight. I get the impression he’s like wtf am I doing here I want to go home.”

Nevertheless, there were many fans who’ve missed the rock legend on the screen and enjoyed watching his interview.

“Just been watching the One Show…OMG Jon Bon Jovi still has it!!” reacted someone else.

Is that Bon Jovi’s first appearance on The One Show?

No, this is not his first appearance on the show. He appeared on The One Show back in 2016.

There, he spoke about a priceless moment he shared on stage when he sang with Prince William and Taylor Swift.




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