The Repair Shop sees restoration experts tackle Britain’s throwaway culture by bringing the general public’s items back to life. And now it’s back this Wednesday, March 18th holding a new position on BBC One’s 8 pm primetime slot!

Each episode, the regular Repair Shop presenter Jay Blades has guest experts join him in the barn to fix-up broken items. Everyone from Steven Fletcher and Kirsten Ramsay to heartthrob Will Kirk has visited The Repair Shop.

But who is saddle maker and leather expert, Suzie Fletcher?

We’ve got the lowdown on the Equestrian loving saddle maker whose knack for restoration work seems to run in the family.

Picture Shows: Suzie Fletcher – (C) Ricochet Ltd – Photographer: Steve Peskett

Who is Suzie Fletcher?

Suzie is an Oxfordshire-based Master English Saddle Maker who is also a member of the Society of Master Saddlers. Her work with saddles has led her to be a master of working with leather and so she also works on furniture restoration.

Her love of horses and saddles came from her childhood, as Suzie was a keen rider and still looks after horses to this day.

Rather than go down the professional riding route, Suzie pursued a career as a Master Saddle Maker. She began her training in 1975 under the instruction of Ken Langford. Suzie then spent two years at Cordwainers College in London.

Suzie was so good at saddle making that she moved to Colorado, USA for 22 years working as one of America’s top saddle makers.

You can find out more about Suzie’s services as a saddle maker and leather restorer through her website.

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Suzie’s brother is also on The Repair Shop!

If you were wondering if The Repair Shop regular Steve was related to Suzie, then you’d be right!

These two siblings have both featured as experts throughout the series since it first started in 2017.

While Suzie has a way with leather, Steve’s focus is on clock repair and restoration. Steve also lives in Oxfordshire where his clock repair shop – The Clock Workshop – is.

The Clock Workshop has been in the Fletcher family for three generations, as their grandfather opened it in Witney, Oxford in 1910.

Steve’s craft training also began in the early 1970s.