Restorers take on antiques and sentimental pieces in a bid to make them look brand new again.

BBC’s The Repair Shop has proven popular as the show sees a team attempt to restore a multitude of important items and completely transform them. The repeated first episode of Series 6, shown last night, involved a Jamaican pump organ, an RAF bomber pilot’s hat, naval rigging tool kit, and a crib made from wood rescued from a church that was bombed during the First World War.

One appearance that caught the eyes of many viewers is Sam Palladio, who appeared on the show to collect his grandfather’s well-travelled cap. So who is Sam? Why do so many fans recognise him? Read on to find out!

sam palladio and toni hazel
Screenshot: Sam Palladio and Toni Hazel, Series 6 Episode 1, The Repair Shop, BBC

Who is Sam Palladio?

Sam Palladio is a British actor from Cornwall who is best known for his role as Gunnar Scott in the ABC musical drama series Nashville. The 33-year-old also has also had roles on comedy series Episodes and science fiction series Humans.

The actor is also a singer songwriter and father to his dog River The Whippet. His pet also has its own Instagram account, you can follow him at @riverthewhippet – or to follow Sam himself, you can do so at @sampalladio.

Sam was Calvin in British drama film 7 Lives, Shecky in thriller film Runner, Runner and Roland in the musical film Strange Magic. He was also the lead singer in a band called Salt Water Thief – and more recently, he appeared on The Repair Shop on BBC One.

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Sam on The Repair Shop

The actor appeared on The Repair Shop to collect his grandad’s restored RAF cap, who was a pilot who was one of the last to fly a Lancaster bomber during World War Two. He recently died, so wanted to pass on the hat to his eldest grandson Sam – who he had “great rapport” with.

Toni Hazel from Sussex brought her father Owen Scott’s hat to the team at The Repair Shop, and later brought along with her Sam to collect the hat. He tries on the restored cap at a slight angle – the same way his grandad wore the important uniform piece. Sam said:

I’m feeling fantastic. It’s got him in it, hasn’t he? It’s got character.

Fans react to actor on The Repair Shop

Viewers soon recognised Sam Palladio as part of the Nashville cast. One fan commented on Sam’s Instagram post about the show and said: “I only watched this yesterday and was so shocked to see you. My grandad was also in the RAF, seeing your mum and the story about your gran and grandad was so emotional and humbling.”

Another said: “Just watched this on BBC1 and was like, that’s Gunner from Nashville.”



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