Nicky is joining BBC’s line-up for The Traitors. She hopes to win the $120,000 cash prize to help make enough money for the treatment required to get a new hand. So, what happened to the reality star’s hand?

Filmed in Inverness, a group of competitors – three of which become undercover traitors who try to sabotage the overall cash wins and choose who to evict – will work together to complete a series of challenges.

Nicky is one of the new show’s contestants, who is currently raising money for treatment she needs to get a new hand. The 45-year-old has opened up about what happened to her hand 23 years ago…

(L-R) Ivan, Fay, Amanda, Maddy, Nicky, Theo, Claire, Matt, Aisha, Alex, Alyssa, Tom on The Traitors cheer in front of mountains among grass.
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Meet Nicky on The Traitors

Nicky, 45, is an accounts supervisor who has joined BBC’s The Traitors line-up. Based in South Croydon, the mom-of-one to a 27-year-old son, Callum, describes herself as “quite fearless” and “always up for a challenge.”

Talking about how she would feel to be a traitor, Nicky said:

Apparently, I’m very expressive but I don’t see it. I can be ruthless when I need to be but otherwise, I’m quite open. I’m an open book and people can read me. I’d like to think I could be quite deceiving. But we don’t know, do we?

She states in her Facebook bio that she is “aiming to become Britain’s first elective amputee become bionic” and often goes swimming and running. Nicky is also a dog mom to an English bullterrier at home.

What happened to Nicky’s hand?

Nicky revealed she was in a near-fatal car crash at the age of 22 and is now raising money for treatment that would enable her to get a new hand. She hopes to win the prize pot as she doesn’t have the money, and told BBC:

I have been raising money for bionic hand control by thought and the fact that there is a substantial amount of money up for grabs, that would enable me to get the treatment that I need to get another hand. I had a severe nearly fatal car crash at the age of 22. My son was only four years old and I’ve had to be strong.

She continued: ” I’ve had someone that’s dependent on me. I’ve had to permanently change the way my life is and the way I do things and also be a role model to my son.” Nicky has already paid for some trials for bionic prosthetics.

“I haven’t got the money so there’s no point going to these companies to see. I’ve paid for some trials, but need to be able to see where I can get a proper fitting and by then hopefully the price will come down,” Nicky added.

Winning ‘means everything to me’

Nicky revealed that she will go “as far as it takes” to win the show because it “means everything to me.” When asked about what qualities she believes are necessary to reach the show’s final, she told BBC:

I think you need to be resourceful and resilient. I’d like to think I can read people but there’s always that one person that will totally deceive you and you’ve just got to think, kudos to you.

She didn’t have a game plan on The Traitors as she likes to “see how a situation unfolds.” Nicky added: “Life has shown me that you can’t always plan stuff because something will happen, and the plan goes out the window.”

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