University Challenge 2020 final: Brandon sails the Imperial team to victory over Corpus Christi
Screenshot: University Challenge 2019/20 E35 - iPlayer

University Challenge 2020 final: Brandon sails the Imperial team to victory over Corpus Christi

The 2019/20 season of University Challenge drew to its conclusion last night(Monday, April 20th) after months long of competition.

In the final weeks of competition, it has been a showdown unlike any other we’ve seen on University Challenge, with fans unable to predict who would make it through to the final two.

The first of the semi-finals saw Corpus Christi, Cambridge beat out Durham University for the final spot.

Last Monday (April 13th) saw the second of the semi-finals, where Imperial College London beat out Trinity College, Cambridge.

But who won the University Challenge 2020 final?

Screenshot: University Challenge 2019/2020 E20 – iPlayer

When is the University Challenge 2020 final?

  • Monday, April 20th at 8.30 pm

The second and concluding semi-final airs next Monday (April 13th) in its regular slot.

So, that means we are expecting this year’s final to be aired on Monday, April 20th.

Who are the University Challenge 2020 finalists?

Corpus Christi, Cambridge made it to the final, spearheaded by Ian Wang, the captain with a knowledge of everything ranging from literature to the arts and music.

His team is also made up of Chemistry genius Alex Gunasekera. Steward and Russell are the other two contestants competing for Corpus Christi.

They were up against Imperial College, London, who have been one of the teams to beat throughout thanks to having genius Brandon Blackwell on their team.

Who won University Challenge 2020?

  • Imperial

The winners of University Challenge 2020 were the Imperial College team. They won with an astonishing 275 points to Corpus Christi’s 105.

Many fans were surprised that Imperial dominated throughout the final, as Corpus Christi were level to their score throughout the whole competition.

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